Stephanie Leigh Rose (Don’t Go to the Reunion) Wins Best Actress At Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival


We want to give a big thank you to everyone out there who checked out Don’t Go to the Reunion at this weekend’s Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival. There were a lot of amazing horror films playing from all over the world and we were honored to be a part of the fest. Don’t Go to the Reunion was nominated for six awards including Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Poster, Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Horror Feature. We are pleased to announce that our own Stephanie Leigh Rose took home the award for Best Actress. Thank you to the incredible fest and all the loyal indie horror fans out there. Slashers will never die thanks to you.

If you haven’t yet seen Don’t Go to the Reunion and want to check it out, order your DVD below:

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