Indie Horror Review: “13 Eerie” (2013)


The new Canadian horror zombie movie “13 Eerie” stars Canadian horror legend Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps, American Mary, Hannibal). The film follows a group of forensic science student who are taken on a weekend long field trip. Their professor has set them up to deal with real corpses for the first time for examination. But as the day turns to night a few of the students start noticing strange things in the woods and hear strange noises. As their walky talkys (which are the only means of communication) begin to cut out, the groups are left isolated. Little do they know they will be faced with deadly undead corpses thirsty for fresh meat to feed on.

This movie was a pleasant and shocking surprise. After not hearing much about this movie and what was being said about it was negative – I was a little hesitant in watching it. However being a fan of Katharine Isabelle, I knew she wouldn’t let me down. Although this is in no way the best zombie movie ever made, it is still a very decent and highly recommended. There was never any point that I felt bored or let down. At times the acting was slightly off but it was easy to look past it as it wasn’t taking anything away from the film.

Although I was not thrown too much by the jump scares (as there were not many but were handled very well) I found myself feeling uneasy at the tension building suspense in the film and throw out there was an over whelming sense of isolation which made the film very interesting. Gore hounds will very much enjoy this film as there is great shots of gore and blood in this film, and with it being released in the UK as an 18 it was no surprise. I wanted to see more though in the film. I felt that there were a few scenes that were overkill in the cheese factor but overall I very much enjoyed it and would definitely give it a watch again come Halloween time.

The film was released on April 14th 2014 by Mertodome films in the UK. It is out in the US on DVD and Blu-Ray.

–Ross Wilcock