A to Z Horror: “The Evil Dead” (1981)


I finally watched The Evil Dead for the first time (“E” of #AtoZHorror in August) and this movie took me by surprise! I love how this movie succeeded with minimal ingredients but having maximum suspense! I can even say that I enjoyed watching it more than the remake of last year and I did not expect that to happen. Not only did it have lots of black humor, it also had some fantastic gore effects and make up effects. It was really frightening and disturbing in a lot of parts and I was even grossed out sometimes, which rarely happens when I watch a horror movie.

Bruce Campbell was amazing as Ash! Some comparisons, the remake had more character development and the characters lasted longer, in the original however the movie finds the perfect balance between horror and comedy. The remake was more serious. Both movies have things that work in its favor though. The Evil Dead is a cult classic in the genre and has so many memorable scenes that you can’t forget about this movie too soon. Highly recommend it to every horror fan who wants a killer good time! Can’t wait to watch the sequels, also besides Ash, none of the other characters were really memorable, but that is an obvious observation.

–Ferdi Akkulak


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  1. Love this movie as well, but be warned – despite what many people say, the sequel is nowhere near as good. Yes, the effects are more sophisticated, but Evil Dead II lacks the original’s macabre atmosphere. Gore aside, the overall feel of the second movie is too comedic for it to transcend this 1981 horror masterpiece.

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