A to Z Horror: “The Killer Next Door” (2003) Review


I have seen The Killer Next Door (aka Ronnie) (“K” of #AtoZHorror) for the first time and I wish I could dismember this movie ASAP. This movie had an interesting premise but a very weak pay off. Not only is it that the script and dialogue sound like it is unscripted, and basically all improv. The camera work is also really amateurs and like its on speed or something at some bits. The cover might fool you that its a straightforward slasher but this movie hardly passes as a psychological thriller for me. The acting was okay to decent, the only actor that I considered ‘good’ was Adam Scott, mainly because the focus and direction was on his character and its the most I have seen of him so far in a movie starring him. It is still one of his weakest movies however.

The characters in this are also utterly unlikable. This movie is depressing to watch, works on the nerves and is really unbelievably amateur. You can totally see how low budget this movie is! I would not recommend you to watch this movie at all (or you must be a hardcore Adam Scott fan) cause its not worth a single penny. The Killer Next Door is a cheap example of how movies should NOT be made, I hope the makers of this movie learned from this, if they’re still in business. As for my DVD copy? Consider it done…

–Ferdi Akkulak