“Dismembering Christmas” Poster Contest: Round 2


As many of you may know, Slasher Studios’ second slasher feature “Dismembering Christmas” has been running a poster contest to find the ultimate art for our home video release. We started with 26 kick-ass posters and the slasher fans have narrowed our list down to a final top 10. You can vote for the top ten through the link below. On December 1st, we will narrow this list down to a top 5 as decided by the fans. The top 3 posters will be featured on our blu-ray, dvd, and vhs releases respectively. Make sure to vote today. Each share/like/comment counts as one vote each so make sure to vote early and often. A big thank you to the amazing artists for creating this fantastic art and another huge thanks to the slasher fans for vote.

To vote for your favorite posters:
Dismembering Christmas Poster Contest (Round 2)