FINAL Week To Submit IRRATIONAL FEAR Audition Video

Want to be a part of the latest horror movie from Slasher Studios? IRRATIONAL FEAR is currently featuring an open casting call for the roles below. We will be filming in the Wisconsin area in mid to late June and food/lodging is provided for the duration of the shoot. Please note that February 18th is the FINAL day to submit any and all audition videos and we will be making our final decisions at the end of the month. Interested in a role? Please send us an email at [email protected] and we would be more than happy to send you some audition sides for an Irrational Fear audition read. It’s going to be a bloody good time!

We currently have the following roles available:

HELEN (age range: 40-50)— Middle aged, alcoholic housewife. Helen is the kind of woman who realizes her best days are behind her as she turns to the bottle for a trip down memory lane. Hates her husband as she believes she gave up her best years for him. Has a fear of being in or around water.

JAKE (age range: 13-18, if looks younger)—- Preteen boy. Blonde hair, blue eyes, Jake looks like the poster child for a whitening toothpaste commercial. Outgoing and charming, he hides his insecurities by closing doors on his emotions.

NATE (age range: 40-50)— Jake’s father. Much like his son, he is obsessed with personal appearance and order in life. He is a high profile lawyer who has taken this weekend off to be with his son, something that he never lets his son forget. He’s slick and sophisticated with a George Clooney type style.

KELLY (age range: 30s)— Thirtysomething tough, wilderness girl who has grown up around the area and knows the ins and outs of the land. She’s not afraid to get dirty but she has a softer side after she lets her guard down.

CAMERON (age range: 16-24, if looks younger)– Teenage jock, muscles are larger than his brains even though he normally means well. Tries to appear smarter than he actually is but it normally backfires on him. He’s a sweet guy who tries to do what he can to help out others. His biggest fear is choking and he obsessively cuts up his food into the smallest pieces “just in case”.