Ten Random Horror Facts About Me…Part 2

Sorry for the delay. Been putting in extra hours at work and haven’t had the time to update my list as I thought I was going to. Sorry here is No.’s 5 thru 1 for your enjoyment. :)

5. I love it when TV Shows do a random episode around Halloween that is somehow horror theme. You know it’ll all end up being a joke or a dream and no one will die but somehow that only adds to the enjoyment and fun of it all.

4. I have a soft spot for horror sequels. When they take out the plot, amp up the murders, and dumb down the characters….all of this should be a recipe for disaster but somehow, in horror, it all works. Some are even better than the originals! Case in point…

3. I don’t mind horror remakes as long as they are rated R and add something new to the story. I think Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” is the best of the new crop and I have to admit I am one of the few horror fans (maybe the ONLY one) that actually enjoys it more than the original. His sequel is actually pretty damn good too!


2. Heather Langenkamp is my favorite horror movie Scream Queen. It’s a bit sad that she wasn’t able to use her work in the “Nightmare on Elm Street” series to get more work. She is tough, resourceful, and independent. Three traits missing in most horror movie heroines today. Plus I have a lot of affection for her short lived sitcom “Just the Ten of Us”. After all, what other show in history feature three Freddy girls?!?! Gotta love it.


1. Nothing in the world can cure a bad day like a good horror movie. Horror movies lift the spirit, shows that good can triumph over evil, and that being a good person at heart can truly save the day.


Ten Random Horror Facts About Me

10. “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” was the first horror movie I ever saw at the tender age of 5. It scared the bejesus out of me so much that I refused to go to bed that night and stayed up for nearly thirty hours. It took me nearly a decade before I was able to watch the film again.

9. “A Nightmare on Elm Street” is my favorite horror series. Though the later sequels do suffer from a drop in quality (especially parts 5 and 6), I feel as if this horror series was the most consistently creative and that Freddy is still one hell of a bad guy.

8. “Black Christmas” is the best horror movie I’ve ever seen. Some give the credit to “Halloween” but that simply is not fair. “Black Christmas” did it first and did it better. It is the grandmother of the slasher film, four years before “Halloween”. “Black Christmas'” power is impossible to deny; its characters are compelling, the imagery poignant, and the acting top-notch.

7. “Poltergeist III” is my ultimate guilty pleasure. It’s stupid, over-the-top, and complete and utter nonsense. But I cannot deny that I love it so.

6. I don’t enjoy zombie or possession movies. I just don’t find either genre of horror to be all that interesting. Though I cannot deny the power of “The Exorcist” or the sheer joy that I get out of watching “Night of the Creeps.” Well “Return of the Living Dead 2” does hold a special place in my heart. If only for this scene:

#5 -#1 Coming Tomorrow :)