Horror Movie Challenge: Day 5: Favorite Horror Director (Wes Craven)

I’m a few days behind because I’ve been at Oshkosh Horror with Don’t Go to the Reunion but I’m back with full force. My favorite horror movie director is, and will always be, Wes Craven. Watching A Nightmare on Elm Street at a young age, it became the first horror movie that I truly loved. […]

Top 10 Blu-Rays Every Horror Fan MUST Own

Our resident Blu-ray reviewer Joshua Dean is back and this time he is featuring the top 10 must haves on Blu-ray that every horror fan MUST own. Enjoy! Blu-ray has been around for several years now… but it is now that it is finally taking off and becoming mainstream. All of us at Slasher Studios […]

The Ultimate Final Girl Challenge Winner: Nancy Thompson (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

It’s been a extremely tough battle of the Final Girls through Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3 of the Ultimate Final Girl Tournament. With over 500 votes, we are pleased to announce that the one and only Nancy Thompson from the “Nightmare on Elm Street” series has been chosen by the slasher fans as […]

5 Horror Sequels That Don’t Suck

Sequels are both the best and worst thing to happen to the horror genre. Loved the original? We’ve got more of that for you! Really love the original? We have ten more installments exactly the same as the original for you. Some horror sequels are lazy, some are outright bad (Jason Goes to Hell), I’m […]

Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge” (1985)

The Nightmare continues at Slasher Studios as our resident twitter reviewer Tim Schilling takes a look at “A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge.” Forgetting many of the rules of the original, this sequel takes the franchise into a dark area many of the future sequels were afraid to touch. The film was even […]

Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984)

Are you ready for a week filled with “Nightmare on Elm Street” goodness slasher fans? Of course you are! It’s one of the best horror series around with innovative deaths and a wonderful grotesque performance by Robert Englund who returned for ALL of the Nightmare sequels. Today we bring you the first installment of the […]

Death of the Day–Glen Gets Sucked Into Bed in “A Nightmare on Elm Street”

The death of Glen is one of the most remarkable scenes in Elm Street history. After dozing off, Glen meets his gory demise as Freddy pulls him into the emerging hole. With an over-load of blood gushing up from the bed, Glen falls victim to Freddy and as Nancy looks on. The amount of blood […]

Slasher Studios Presents: Top 5 Favorite Slasher Films

It’s been a couple of weeks but we are back with a brand new episode of Slasher Studios Presents. Slasher Studios Presents is our brand new Youtube horror show in which deliver a top 5 in horror every week! Whether it be the scariest villains, the best slashers, the worst slashers, the best Final Girls, […]

Death of the Day: Debbie Turns Cockroach in “A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master”

We have been so busy with Flashback Weekend and working on finishing Blood Brothers, we haven’t had much time for a really good Death of the Day here at Slasher Studios. Don’t worry slasher fans, the feature is back and we have a great one for you today. Hate bugs? Who doesn’t, right? Well our […]

Picking Favorites: Ranking the “Nightmare on Elm Street” Films

My love for the “Nightmare on Elm Street” series holds no bounds. It is a series that I grew up on and that I regularly watch. I can’t remember the last month that went by without me popping in a movie from the series as comfort food. Well, today I have decided to “rank” my […]

Meet the Face Behind Slasher Studios: Ten Random Horror Facts About Yours Truly

I spend a lot of time on Slasher Studios updating the site, promoting upcoming horror movies, and writing reviews for slasher films that hope other horror fans will eventually have the time to enjoy. One thing that I normally do not do is talk about myself. Well, today that is about to change. I figured […]

Meta Movie Magic: “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare” Review

After the dismal “Freddy’s Dead”, Freddy seemed to be dead and buried for at least a few years. It, however, was in 1994 that Wes Craven came up with the radical idea of bringing Freddy back for another nightmare…a “New Nightmare”. Gone was funny Freddy and the fresh looking 80′s MTV teenagers and in was […]

Freddy’s Dead: The Not So Final Nightmare

After a disappointing turn with “The Dream Child”, both creatively and financially, New Line Cinema decided it was time to give Freddy a proper burial. In 1991, saw the release of the supposed last Nightmare….”Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare”. The film had a bright upcoming screenwriter, a fresh new director, and cast of up-and-comers featuring […]

Father Knows Best: “A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child” Review

If 1988 was Freddy at his peak, 1989 was the beginning of the end for Freddy. With 1989 saw the release of “The Dream Child”, the fifth installment of the Freddy franchise. Audiences were not impressed. The film grossed a little under half of what its immediate predecessor earned ($22 million vs. $49 million). Audiences […]

“Dream Master? Sounds Like a Game Show Host to Me.”

By 1988, the Nightmare series had reached its peak of popularity. Freddy was everywhere from the late night news to hosting his own show on MTV. Freddy was no longer scary, he was marketable. So it should come as no surprise that the fourth entry in the “Nightmare on Elm Street” series is the series’ […]

Never Sleep Again: “A Nightmare on Elm Street” Review

Wes Craven’s definitive classic. Bet you can’t guess what it is. A Nightmare on Elm Street is an unbelievably original, terrifingly realistic, and overall terrifying that, despite a weak ending, is one of the best horror flicks of the quarter of a century. The film deals with a deceased child molester who now lives only […]

Top 10 Worst Horror Sequels/Remakes

10. Jaws 4: The Revenge 9. Urban Legends: Bloody Mary 8. Pet Semetary 2 7. Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare 6. Halloween: Curse of Michael Myers 5. When A Stranger Calls (2006) 4. The Stepfather (2009) 3. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer 2. I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer 1. […]