Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: Friday the 13th (1980)


Our one and only Twitter horror reviewer Tim Schilling is finally back and this time he is taking on the Friday the 13th series. Today we bring you the first three installments of the groundbreaking franchise starting with the original installment below. Tim has never been much of a Jason fan. Let’s see if that’s changed….

Thoughts before the film:
Starting the whole thing off with the one and only, the original #FridayThe13th

Thoughts while watching:
0:03 Sex in the first 5 minutes of a horror film is always a sign of trouble.
0:05 Rockin’ music. I forgot the title sequence was awesome but simple.
0:11 Ghosts, ha, yeah that’s what’s there.
0:16 Jean short shorts on guys can stay in the 80’s.
0:21 The scene when she jumps out of the car ALWAYS made me cover my eyes when I was younger.
0:23 If you were a flavored of ice cream what would you be?
0:27 Lets destroy the entire room to kill a poor little snake.
0:31 Ralph you’re a creepo.
0:39 Monopoly is my favorite game! I dare someone to try to beat me.
0:44 Can’t you guys hear someone screaming ch ch ch op op op!? They do it every time they are close!
0:56 Crazy people going outside in the rain. Dontcha know you’re gonna die?
1:03 This movie is a period piece.
1:08 What I like about this movie (compared to Halloween and ANOES) you don’t know who the killer is until the end.
1:08 And then they just change who the killer is for the second one.
1:14 Mrs. Voorhees is possibly the only good thing about this movie.
1:17 His name was Jason. He wasn’t a very good swimmer.
1:25 Scenes draaaaag on forever in this. If they were cut to show only what was needed, the movie would be an hour long.
1:30 But wait the last scene with Alice in the boat is one of the greatest things ever.

Overall: I’ll give credit to #FridayThe13th for the awesome idea of a serial killer in a summer camp, but other than that, it’s kinda boring. I didn’t care for any of the characters and there were tons of pointless scenes in it. You may now throw your tomatoes.

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Slasher Studios Podcast: Director Jason Christopher (Nobody Gets Out Alive)


On this week’s episode of Slasher Studios, our hosts Kevin Sommerfield and Steve Goltz will be chatting with director Jason Christopher about his brand new 70-80s slasher homage “Nobody Gets Out Alive.” Make sure to listen in live on March 25th at 10PM central with any questions you may have for Jason on his slasher. It’s going to be a bloody good time! Click on the link below to listen in live or to check out an archive of a previous episode.

Slasher Studios Podcast: Director Jason Christopher (Nobody Gets Out Alive)


“Don’t Go to the Reunion” Killer Facebook Contest


The support for our latest feature Don’t Go to the Reunion has been tremendous and we are prepared to give back to the slasher fans. If we can get to 400 likes by the end of the week, we will give out a special slasher goodie pack with a combo dvd set and poster. Winner will be chosen at random so you don’t HAVE to be the 400th like. If we get enough likes, the winner will be announced live on Monday’s Slasher Studios Horror Podcast. Tell all of your horror friends and let’s see Don’t Go to the Reunion take over Facebook.

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Picking Favorites: The “Final Destination” Series

Ranking a horror film series is usually just asking for trouble. For every one person that agrees with you, there will be at least a dozen that feel cheated by your list. “How DARE you rank X above X? What were you thinking?!?!” Today at Slasher Studios we have decided to take my ranking skills to the test and take on the Final Destination franchise. Agree with the list? Disagree? I want your feedback! Which Final Destination film do you feel is the most successful? The following is my list from best to worst. Let the games begin!


“Final Destination 2”
“Final Destination 2″ is wittier, smarter, and bloodier than its original. It is clever in the way that it ties our characters from this film with characters from the previous installments. The deaths are incredibly inventive and stand as the best deaths of the entire series. The ending in particular is a black comedy miracle that shouldn’t work but does. Granted some of the acting can be a bit over-the-top and melodramatic and some of the effects don’t hold up as well as others. Nonetheless, this is still the rare sequel that takes everything that works about the original film and adds to it. A definite must see for fans of the original.


“Final Destination 5”
Original concept? No. Great acting? No. Wonderful story? No. But..let’s be honest…who cares? “Final Destination 5″ is the most fun I’ve had at the theater thanks to an ingeniously clever ending. This movie works from beginning to end thanks to some incredible death scenes and some solid performances. This is actually the first “FD” movie that I’ve seen since part 2 in which I actually CARED about the characters. This isn’t a perfect movie. The middle drags a bit and I did feel a bit cheated by at least one death. Nonetheless, this is by far and away my favorite of the series. Just don’t let ANYONE give away the twist ending. That’s the best part of all.

“Final Destination”
“Final Destination” found mixed reviews as it was released. Some complained about the acting and felt the film was dramatically flat. Many critics found it be be crude and a waste of time and money. But, with all the negativity coming from these old-stuffy and out-of-touch “film critics,” the film found itself a worthy fan base and took in 10 million on its opening weekend. The film peaked at number three and lasted in theaters for 22 weeks in the United States and took home an impressive 112 million internationally. With the financial success from Final Destination, this movie was able to spawn multiple sequels with extremely high success overseas, a rarity for a slasher series. Overall, it’s a fun start to a fun series. The characters are fairly likable here and the death scenes are fairly ingenious. But, I still enjoy Part 2 more.

“Final Destination 3”
The cons: The acting is bad, the story borderline, but it doesn’t really matter. The pros: The deaths (nail gun, tanning bed, cherry picker) are ingenious in their design and that ending is one of the better ones of the series. Nonetheless, in all honesty, this is probably my least rewatchable of the franchise (four is worse but at least it is twenty minutes shorter). The characters are pretty annoying and movie feels strangely padded. After the wonderful “Final Destination 2”, this feels a bit like a let down. That being sad, there is enough carnage candy to go around for those who love their bodies extra bloody. This isn’t high art by any means but it gets the job done.


“The Final Destination”
At barely 82 minutes, its hardly even a movie. The film plays out like a collection of “best of” deaths that you might find in the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. It’s a collection of been there, done that situations in which the actors don’t have names, they have death orders. I can just see the production team now, “Body #18, you are needed on set now!” It’s all just really, really stupid. But, and this is a huge but for a lot of slasher fans, it somehow all works. It’s less serious than the disappointing “Final Destination 3″ and the actors seem to be having a good time with their meager parts. I know a lot of slasher fans hate this sequel but I had a good time. Go in with low expections and maybe you’ll have a bloody blast as well.


Slasher Studios Nominated For 9 Peculiar Film Festival Awards


We at Slasher Studios are pleased and quite honored to announce that our three short films (Blood Brothers, Popularity Killer, and Teddy) have been nominated for a total of NINE Peculiar Film Festival awards!! You the horror fan get to decide the winners. The voting ends on Friday, March 8th so vote soon for your favorite Slasher Studios film. Thanks again everyone for all of the support! We couldn’t do it without you.

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Kevin & Steve’s Horror Movies: “The Granny” (1995)


Kevin: Directed by Luca Bercovici, “The Granny” is one strange horror comedy with a lot of unlikable characters and a very attractive but very bland final girl. This is exactly the kind of movie that should work but does thanks to a terrific performance by Stella Stevens as the title character. I admire an older actress that is willing to do anything and everything it takes in order to get a cheap laugh.

Steve: The cast within The Granny is a fun and diverse mix of age and personality. You’re not going to find any breakthrough performances here, but all are solid and get the job done. The Granny herself kills it with a few hysterical one-liners and iscomplimented by the more serious and professional Stella Stevens role.

Kevin: You see Granny’s family is a pack of vultures who want her dead in order to claim her inheritance. When a strange man offers her a magical elixir that promises to keep her alive (and beautiful) forever, she accepts. But..she doesn’t listen to the rules and all breaks loose.

Steve: The rules are very clear and Gremlins-esque, but of course, things do not go as planned. We have a crazy cat, a lot of blood and some very inventive and gory deaths. The family of crude and rude misfits plot against Granny in an hour of greed and get everything that they deserve.

Kevin: Wanna see a fur coat come to live and bite an evil hag of a woman to death? How about an elderly woman deep throat her decaying husband who has been dead for years? It’s all very strange but somehow it works. The dialogue is sometimes quite clever (though granny is given one too many one liners for my taste) and the actors sink their teeth into these roles with gusto. It definitely isn’t perfect and the CGI effects both at the beginning and at the climax are all sorts of awful but it is fun.

Steve: What this film my lack in budget, it makes up for with some inventive and unique camera work and interesting angles. It will definitely catch you off guard and can even take you out of the film at moments, but overall, I feel the oddness of this film this is what The Granny thrives on. If you are into experimental camera work and mean old ladies, then this film should be on the top of your to-watch list!


Horror Society Crowns “Teddy” Best Horror Short of 2012


We have been so busy with preproduction on our first slasher feature, Don’t Go to the Reunion, we haven’t had a chance to announce our exciting Teddy news until now. We are proud to announce that our very first slasher short Teddy has been crowned BEST HORROR SHORT OF 2012 from Horror Society!! A huge thank you to everyone who voted for our beary scary hit and a big thanks Horror Society as well for supporting indie horror! If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out Teddy, make sure to click on the link below and order your copy today.

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Slasher Studios Podcast: Special 100TH Episode!


On this week’s episode of Slasher Studios, our hosts Kevin Sommerfield and Steve Goltz will be cracking open the champagne to celebrate the 100th episode of Slasher Studios! They will discussing their all time favorites in each of the subgenres of horror: Favorite Slasher, Favorite Horror-Comedy, Favorite Supernatural Thriller, Favorite Demon Flick, and revealing their all time favorite horror movie. The bloody fun starts Monday, February 25th at 10PM central.

Slasher Studios Podcast: Special 100TH Episode!


Not Quite Horror: “White Water Summer” (1987)

Not Quite Horror contains reviews of films not traditionally considered horror films. By analyzing them as horror films (identifying the monster, discussing the shared worry for the audience and the main characters, and understanding the depth of horror available to the viewer), who knows? There more than one way to watch a movie.

White Water Summer (1987)

The Monster: Vic (Kevin Bacon) is the worst kind of monster; he’s a man who means well. He convinces Alan’s (Sean Astin’s) parents to send their son with him some other kids on a hiking and white water rafting adventure.

Once the trip begins, Vic’s efforts to toughen up the city kids quickly reveal themselves as being dangerous and out of control. He takes a special sadistic joy in tormenting Alan, in an effort to break his spirit. When Vic is severely injured along the way, Alan proves his courage to Vic by saving his life.

The Horror: Kevin Bacon’s most famous work in the field of horror is undoubtedly Friday the 13th, but his performance as Vic is menacing enough to make the outdoorsman seem like a slasher killer, even though he never murders a single person during the course of White Water Summer.

Vic is introduced to the audience as he walks the median of a busy city street. Clearly out of place, hauling his hiking gear on his back, he has the look of a man without fear. When he is finally in his element, hiking with the boys, he pitilessly demands they face their fears and do as told. He makes them cross an unsafe rope bridge despite their protests. Complain about Vic and he’s likely to appear behind you.

The Shared Fate: Vic is a slight exaggeration of real-life figures like camp counselors, baby sitters, and older siblings. As teens or young adults, these people represent authority. However, they often lack the experience and emotional maturity to make the best decisions.

White Water Summer is an almost-slasher. Vic, the would-be killer, is motivated by ego, not revenge. The campers are younger, and they are punished for weakness instead of sexual promiscuity. In the end, everyone lives. Still, it doesn’t take much to stop the movie before Vic’s injury and imagine a body count even Jason Voorhees could be proud of.

— I am indebted to Noel Carroll’s The Philosophy of Horror for his ideas on defining horror, as well as John Skipp and Craig Spector’s article “Death’s Rich Pageantry, or Skipp & Spector’s Handy-Dandy Splatterpunk Guide to the Horrors of Non-horror Film” in Cut! Horror Writers on Horror Film for a similar idea.–

–Axel Kohagen


Brand New “Don’t Go to the Reunion” Posters Now For Sale With Free Shipping


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