31 Days of Horror Halloween Challenge

Last year, I decided to test myself and watch a horror movie every night for the entire month of October. By the end, I was a little dazed and disoriented but came out of the experiment just fine and was ready to do the whole thing all over again. With only a few days until October officially starts, I have posted my list below of the horror films that I will watch every day for the entire month. Nothing says fall like leaves changing color and blood splattered slasher movies. For every movie that I have not yet reviewed, I will post a new review for that film either that night or the next morning. Well, my fellow slasher fans, here is my list:

October 1st-Scream
October 2nd-Scream 2
October 3rd-Scream 3
October 4th-Scream 4 (Release Date)
October 5th-Slumber Party Massacre
October 6th-Slumber Party Massacre 2
October 7th-Slumber Party Massacre 3
October 8th-The People Under the Stairs
October 9th-Deadly Friend
October 10th-The Burning
October 11th-Friday the 13th (1980)
October 12th-Mother’s Day
October 13th-The Convent
October 14th-Pumpkinhead
October 15th-Night of the Demons
October 16th-Sleepaway Camp
October 17th-Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers
October 18th-Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland
October 19th-Silent Night Deadly Night
October 20th-Black Christmas (1974)
October 21st-Black Christmas (2005)
October 22nd-Blood Sisters
October 23rd-Halloween (1978)
October 24th-Halloween (2007)
October 25th-Curtains
October 26th-Puppet Master
October 27th-Dolls
October 28th-Child’s Play
October 29th-Creepshow
October 30th-Creepshow II
October 31st-Trick r Treat