Slasher Studios: Favorite Female Villains

On this week’s webcast of Slasher Studios, Kevin Sommerfield and Steve Goltz talked about their favorite female horror movie villians. Girls who were a bad ass bitch and knew how to kill with style. Click on the link below to listen to an archive of the show:

Here is our final TOP SIX:

1. Mrs. Voorhees
Pamela Voorhees is killing off camp counselors out of rage because her son Jason, drowned at that same camp in the past. This character is creeps me out the most because this is an old lady who gets the same pleasure out of killing just many of the iconic horror villains such as Jason and Michael Myers. There is an entertaining death match at the end between Alice and Mrs. Voorhhes and I’m always right there rooting for alice to kill her off. Betsy Palmer plays a really good creepy lady and with her facial expressions and the way she speaks everything comes together for this characrer. Palmer really pulled it off well, although I do feel she wasnt really acting most of the time.

2. Mrs. Loomis
So, we had the brilliant origianl SCREAM where we see Billy Loomis is killed off at the end. Then, along comes the sequel and I have to say, overall this film is just as good, if not better. Once again we have two killers, one of whom is Mrs. Loomis, played by Laurie Metcalf. First of all, I have to say that I love Laurie Metcalf. I think she is a great actor, I think she is funny, and I may be dating myself, but I loved her in rosseane and of course she did a fantastic job as the voice of Andy’s mom in the TOY STORY movies. Maybe it’s because I like her so much as an actor, but I absolutely loved her character in SCREAM 2. We meet her first as Debbie Salt. She is basically trying to portray her self as someone else, in this case a reporter, so nobaody knows who she really is. Later, at the end of the film, we find out that she was actully not Debbie Salt, but she is indeed Billy’s mother, Mrs. Loomis. Much like Jason’s mom, she is trying to get revenge for her sons death and like Mrs. Voorhees, she has the motivation to do it. She gets super creepy and some may say a bit over the top at the end, but I myself happen to love her at that point. Throughout the film, even as Debbie Salt, you can tell something just might not be right with her.

3. Angela
OK, so talk about weird and creepy. At the start of the film, there was a tragic accident involving a brother and sister. We are lead to believe that the sister was the only one to survive. From there, we follow her story a few years later as she attends a summer camp and sooner than later, certain people within the camp are being killed off. At the end, we find out in a very shocking way that shy little Angela was actully the killer, but not only was she the killer, she was not even a she! Angela was the brother the entire time. Im not going to go into the visuals of how we find out, but without this crazy ending, this film would not be remembered like has been.

4. Creedence
Hopefully most of you have seen TROLL 2 because it is quite entertaining and on a side note, I also really, really recomend watching the documentry about this film, BEST WORST MOVIE. Anyways, whether you have seen this film or not, you should know that it has been considered one of the worst films ever. It has bad acting and a really wierd story with wierd characters and when speeking of wierd characters, you have to talk about Creedence. She is the queen of the goblins and has super dry lips and her acting is so over the top and crazy…but it works. She is pretty entertaining and I know it’s not saying much, but she’s probaly the best actor in the film.

5. Sylvia Ganush
Sylvia is not your run of the mill horror villian that kills a mass amount of people and chops them up and all that good stuff, but she is indeed an evil little old lady. She goes to her bank in hopes of recieving and extension on her home loan. Our main character, Christine, denies the extention and Sylvia freaks out. Security has to escort her out of the bank and later she ends up attacking Christine in a parking garage and places a curse on her. I really liked this attack scene as i thought it plays out really well and it was edited together nicely and has some funny moments.

6. Jill
Jill is the young teenage cousin of Sidney Prescott. We meet her as a very innocent, girl next door type. Having Emma Roberts play Jill was a great casting decision because she really does have that natural innocent look. I also feel that having Jill be one of the killers was a great writing decision. Personally I never expected her to be involved. Jill saw how Sidney had become famous in her own right and wanted that all for herself. I think her motivation to kill was very interesting and she made it believable. She really gets super crazy at the end and makes you think back to Mrs. Loomis.