Happy Halloween from Slasher Studios!

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope everyone has had their fill of horror movies and pumpkin spice coffee to last a lifetime. But, really, how can you just love the horror genre for just one month? Horror is the gift that just keeps on giving. Who doesn’t love a good death and a good scare to awaken the senses? Today, on this very special Halloween, I would like to take a little about my favorite kind of horror movie. The slasher film. Big surprise, huh?

Sometimes it’s hard being a slasher fan. Even among horror fans, slasher movies are considered to be the bottom of the barrel of horror movies. The general consensus is that it doesn’t take much effort to make a slasher movie. What do you need? A final girl, a killer with a mask, and a bunch of nubile teens ready to get hacked up? Well, I would argue that slasher films are something more than that. Something special. Something unique. In the genre of horror movies, slasher films are the “comfort food”. The double cheeseburger from McDonalds or that stuffed crust pizza that you just have to have from Pizza Hut. Are they nutritious? No, not in the least. But they serve a special craving that nothing else will fill. I’m glad to have you, readers of this website to share in my love of this guilty pleasure. May there be many, many years of delicious slasher movies to come.

So a big Happy Halloween from all of us here at Slasher Studios to slasher fans everywhere! Come out of the closet and show your love for both the subgenre that no one wants to admit to as well as the best holiday a horror fan could ask for!