Another Bloody Good Review for “Teddy”

We here at Slasher Studios are pleased to bring you another review of “Teddy: It’s Gonna Be a Bear.” The word of mouth has been incredible for our little “80’s slasher in woods” homage. The Funhouse says Teddy “is 11 minutes of pure fun. It’s made in homage to a genre the filmmakers clearly love and that aspect shines throughout it. It wears its love of 80s slashers on its sleeve without feeling dated. The filmmakers have talent and I can’t wait to see more from. I really enjoy Teddy and I hope you do too.” A HUGE thank you for the awesome review Funhouse! To read the whole review click on the link below. Also, make sure to check out the other reviews and horror segments they have on The Funhouse blog. They are definitely a blog that Slasher Studios will be watching to see how it evolves into all its bloody gory.

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