Slashers We Love: “Curtains”, “Alone in the Dark”, and “Clownhouse”

Three more mini reviews from fellow fans of the slasher genre as they each talk about their slasher favorites. Thank you Reece, Todd, and Panos for your awesome selections! Once again just go to the Slasher Studios Facebook Page and select a picture from your favorite slasher movie and do a small write up and we will feature you and your review on our site. One special review will win a free autographed copy of Teddy!

Reece Glen Donnell-“Curtains”

Curtains has to be my favourite slasher film. I remember I used to watch it at least once a week, if not more, when I was younger. I love the isolated atmosphere of the film and the amazing cast and performances. To me it’s the perfect slasher film, very well made and it’s a shame it’s never been given the attention it deserves. Curtains = a real hidden gem.

Tödd Halliwell-“Alone in the Dark”

Alone in the Dark (1982) is my personal favourite slasher for many reasons. It was just so original for an early 80’s slasher and broke so many of the typical slasher ‘rules’. I also loved that there were four killers, all of whom are known from the start of the film. Realistic and truly deep characters. And it’s the reason that all I want to see these days are the ‘home invasion’ style horror films. Brilliant casting too: Donald Pleasence, Martin Landau, Jack Palance, Erland Van Lidth De Jeude (Dynamo from Running Man) and, erm, that bleeding guy. Amazing performances by everybody involved. I could go on but i’m quivering in delight right now and am having difficulty typing…

Panos Tsiros-“Clownhouse”

Well, it’s difficult to pick one slasher film as my favorite, but undoubtedly one of my favorite flick of the late 80’s is the “Clownhouse”. Is a film that interferes with our deepest fears from our childhood. The fear that every child feels for people with make up :) But as soon as those people starts stalking you inside your own house, then the fear reach another level and the instict for survive is more intense. I Love the atmosphere of this film, the Psycho clown is very frightening and the music gives me the creeps. If you haven’t seen it yet please do so !!! …Who’s for the Circus tonight ???