Delta Delta Deadly: Justin Russell’s “The Sleeper” Review

I went into The Sleeper not knowing very much. I knew it was an 80’s homage film that was shot independently in Ohio. I bought “The Sleeper” two weeks after it was released on dvd.

It’s 1981 and the girls of Alpha Gamma Theta sorority are having a party, but an unexpected guest is watching the girls every move. Making phone calls to the house, peering through windows, walking around the house, to even sneaking in. This movie definitely pays tribute to the original Black Christmas, John Carpenter’s Halloween, Prom Night (dance scene in “The Sleeper” = AWESOME), and The House On Sorority Row. I loved this movie!

The director, Justin Russell captured everything that was perfect about 80’s horror. I knew exactly what Justin was trying to accomplish the minute the film started. It is very obvious that he is a HUGE fan of the genre and it shows. Everything from the opening score, the look, atmosphere, and of course a nice body count. Congratulations for succeeding Justin.

The acting in “The Sleeper”, I would say is top notch. Mr. Russell did a great job on the casting. All of the girls are likable in their own personal way. Our lead, Amy (Brittany Belland) does a great job. She is very pure and we want to see her survive in the end.

The killer aka “The Sleeper” (Jason Jay Crabtree) looks and acts the part. He reminds me of the killer’s from He Knows You’re Alone, and The Slumber Party Massacre. Like both of those killers, he gives the wide-eyed looks, creepy voice, and his overall body language and movements. Mr. Crabtree knocked it out of the park with a home run!

I personally can’t wait to see what Justin Russell comes up with next. Death Stop Holocaust which he made before “The Sleeper” is also available now on dvd. I am a huge fan of Mr. Russell’s work already. I recently had the opportunity to speak to Justin on the phone. He is a
great person, friend, and filmmaker. Keep on doing what you’re doing Justin!

Check out “THE SLEEPER” tonight! Highly recommended!

To order “The Sleeper”: The Sleeper

—Douglas D. Conner