Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “The Hills Have Eyes” (1977)

Tonight we have another tweet by tweet review from the one and only Tim Schilling as he ventures out into the unknown to check out Wes Craven’s 1977 hillbilly inbred classic “The Hills Have Eyes.” This is Tim’s first viewing of the film after loving the remake. How does it stand up 35 years later and does it deserve the praise it has received? let’s find out!

Thoughts before the film:
Well I can’t really say I like it as well cause I haven’t seen the original. Until now. #TheHillsHaveEyes

Thoughts while watching:
0:06 It’s an abandoned mine, why would you ask if anyone loves there?
0:10 What the hell was going trough that old man’s head when he decided to go that fast on a dirt road?
0:20 Don’t hurt the dog dont hurt the dog don’t hurt the dog.
0:27 That was actually really smart to use the watering can for that howling noise.
0:32 How does someone even make a noise like that!?
0:42 What was that hilariously creepy face the baby gave for?
0:45 Sheep and cows in the desert?
0:45 How did that guy sound so much like a sheep?!
0:50 How does inbred mutant know how to use a radio?
1:00 “okay pruto” (insert Dolan meme)
1:06 You’re inbred how can you tell someone pushed him!
1:09 Stop crying bitch and be useful. Almost as bad as Barbara from NOTLD.
1:23 You were hit with an axe a few times and shot, fall the fuck down.
1:27 This rattle snake sounds like my cat purring.

I like the story of #TheHillsHaveEyes, but the movie was kinda boring. I didn’t like the abrupt ending either. It was still entertaining tho

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