Favorite Horror Movies of the Last Decade: “Drag Me to Hell” (2009)

Alison Lohman is a loan officer at a bank hoping to get a promotion, and some gypsy woman comes in who doesn’t understand capitalism, asking for a third loan to pay off some debts. Lohman turns her down, so the gypsy grabs at her and Lohman calls security. The gypsy woman feels shamed by this, so she hides out in Lohman’s car, which leads to an incredible fight scene involving office supplies, and ends with the gypsy cursing her. The curse causes terrifying hallucinations, and Lohman has three days to figure a way out of it, or she’s gonna be dragged to hell. It’s gross and fun and actually pretty fucking scary, with moments of humor blended in as well. Alison Lohman is amazing, and could not have been more perfect for the role. She’s relatable and lovable, and as she continually makes darker decisions in order to fend off the curse, it remains easy to support her and root for her to win. She nails all her comedic moments as well, and the scene where she’s questioned about her cat is one of my favorites in the movie. Justin Long was also very good, and easily relatable, as the supportive boyfriend who clearly loves her unconditionally, and will do whatever he can to help her out. The ending of the movie is cruel and upsetting, and absolutely fucking perfect.

–Austin Wolf-Sothern