Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “My Bloody Valentine” (1981)

To end this beautiful sunny weekend we have a brand new review from our resident twitter reviewer Tim Schilling. Today Tim is getting out his pike ax to take a stab at the original 1981 cult classic “My Bloody Valentine.” Butchered by censors and critics and ignored by audiences, the Canadian slasher has grown quite the cult following throughout the years. But, is it a cut above the rest or is it a slasher that deserves to be forgotten? Let’s cut open this bloody heart and find out.

Thoughts before the film:
I’ve never seen the original #MyBloodyValentine. I have seen the remake though and I actually liked it quite a bit

Thoughts while watching:
0:01 Who gets frisky in a mine shaft!?
0:04 Don’t drop the soap.
0:06 This hillbilly music reminds me of Two Thousand Maniacs.
0:08 The guy who was dancing with the cutout and said “this is my date”…. me.
0:17 Oh Harry Wardon, you sly guy you.
0:25 This town sure does like valentine’s day…
0:27 I wonder if that’s what you really look like if you were to get stuck in a dryer.
0:27 Or, better question, how did the filmmakers know that’s how someone would look like!?
0:37 What a grumpy bartender.
0:50 Those are the nastiest looking hotdogs ever.
0:58 This mine shaft must have magic powers cause everyone who goes in it, ends up fucking. Or, at least trying to.
1:10 Oh, I didn’t know Barbra from NOTLD was in this. (someone please get this)
1:20 At least the police showed up while the killer is still around and not the second after he dies/runs away.
1:20 Not that they can do anything to help anyways. I mean, they’re the police and it’s a horror film. They’re useless!
1:27 Those last lines were really creepy… Beeee my bloody valentineeee.

Not too sure why I liked #MyBloodyValentine. The plot was meh but the filmmakers made a meh plot into something entertaining & actually good.

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