Worst Horror Sequels: “The Final Destination” (2009)

When it comes to bad movies, I really can’t think of too many that are just terrible movies period because I find most movies enjoyable so I am going to go with a movie that can be considered “so bad, it’s good”.

The fourth film in the series, The Final Destination was supposed to be the finally film in the franchise. But I could say that I am happy they made “Final Destination 5” in 2011 because “The Final Destination” turned out so weak compared to the other films in the series.

The plot is simple because every film overall in the franchise has the same idea about “Death” going after, and killing each person off who survived a terrible accident in the beginning, and you have the “lead” character in every film who could could see when “Death” was around and how a person was going to die. But this film opens with a Race-car track accident, and some survivors making it out alive till “Death” comes after them.

“The Final Destination” was released in August 2009, which was the same weekend that “Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2” came out as well. Of course I passed on “The Final Destination” to see “Halloween 2”, and I was happy I waited till I got the film on Blu-ray because overall it is a mess of a film, and the weakest film in the franchise. I feel that this film just missed what the other films brought in so many ways. First, I dislike a lot of these characters in this film ,besides the lead actor and lead actress, because you really don’t care for any of them, and when they meet their deaths you really don’t feel sorry for them. Second, the script is just a mess because this film really doesn’t focus on story and just focuses on the deaths. Even when you are leading up to someone’s death, it just tries to hard to make the audience think on how this person is going to die.

The story is weak, and I just feel overall the story was a mess. Third, when it comes to the kills in the film they aren’t too special. The opening scene, and one death involving an escalator are the only ones I really like. Fourth, the director is one of my problems because he did a great job with “Final Destination 2” then he went on to direct this weak film in the franchise. At times, it just felt like he didn’t care about the film compared to Part 2. Now, there are a lot of reasons why “The Final Destination” is a mess. But besides that, I have it on Blu-ray, and it is a fun “popcorn flick”. It’s enjoyable, and fun to watch. But in the end, it’s nothing special. In 2011, I was so happy with “Final Destination 5”, and I am so happy they went with a fresh director, writers, crew, and story. Now that is a perfect way to end the series.

–Justin Rhine