Worst Horror Movies Ever Made: “Rise of the Animals” (2011)

I recently had the pleasure of seeing this movie several weeks ago. I recommend it to all of you bad horror lovers out there. It’s bottom of the barrel trash in every way. The “animals” are basically stuffed animals (those are the best) or very badly computerized effects. The acting is terrible, the characters are stupid, the dialogue is painful, and the comedy is so unfunny that it’s funny (the music is also delightful- not necessarily bad- just very weird and silly).

I think the thing I love the most about this movie is the gore effects- which at one point are seemingly just buckets upon buckets of fake blood being thrown on scene by people standing off to the sides. It’s fantastic. It’s hard for me to watch extremely gory movies, but this? I could watch it all day. There is a scene with a mad horse galloping around with half of a torso on it’s saddle, blood spurting everywhere. Need I say more?

I love these kids for what they created. It is a pleasure. Below is a link for the teaser trailer, since I chose a pretty obscure (albeit AWESOME) photo shot from the movie to accompany my review. The guy in the picture caught a full bucket for that shot.

—Catherine Kincannon