Why I Hate Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary”

I dislike Pet Sematary so greatly I have been avoiding this page (Slasher Studios Horror Film Club) since the posts regarding them have gone up in the last day or two.

Pet Sematary 1 and 2 are quite possibly the most miserable movie(s) I have ever had the displeasure of seeing in my entire life. Both of these movies make me so miserable that I am depressed even writing here now about them. I think few movies have ever evoked such a visceral response from me or such strong feelings with the exception of Monster’s Ball. I like horror movies-but I feel like these are nearly real life horrors (with the exception of the dead rising from the grave…no wait…not really yet en masse) that we all have to deal with everyday-lumped into one misery fest.

I have never seen the awfulness that life can be lumped in so much into two films. Death (of children, pets and family members), loss, the sadness that is the hope that one day our loved ones will return to us somehow/somewhere, the sadness of seeing the desperation that one day they will return and the ultimate resolution that “dead is better” because the hopes and dreams of all humans have failed and become perverted and destroyed, bullying, divorce, shitty step-parents, abusive situations, incurable disease…you name it, it’s in these two films. Any horrible situation you can possibly imagine is pretty much represented in these movies. I see horrible real life everyday-I don’t need it force fed down my throat in a tube over the course of two hours.

Zelda is pretty nightmare inducing…she looks like you might catch it if she touches you…

I’m truly not trying to offend those that like and enjoy the films, here…just sharing my opinion! Next up…favorite Stephen King movie ( that I have not reviewed yet)! I look forward to reading everyone’s reviews…

–Kat Kitty


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  1. I just seen Pet Sematary for the first time. I thought I was the only one that hated this movie. I just can’t stand what is going on in the movie because of how young the child is. I wanted to turn it off when the child died. I wish I had. And I like scary movies. But as a mother this was just so fukd up.

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