Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “House of 1000 Corpses” (2003)

Rob Zombie has always been one of my favorite “new” filmmakers (especially considering that he has only made four films). “The Devil’s Rejects” and his “Halloween” remakes rank as a few of the horror high points of the last decade. Still, I’ve never been able to warm up to the grisly “House of 1000 Corpses.” Possibly I need to give it a new watch from a fresh perspective. Today, our twitter reviewer Tim Schilling is taking another look at the film that started Zombie’s filmmaking career.

Thoughts before the film:
This will be my second viewing of #HouseOf1000Corpses. I haven’t seen it in a few years, but I think it’ll hold up.

Thoughts while watching:
0:01 It just tastes so damn good! Bawkabawkabaaaawk!
0:06 I actually really like the song House of 1000 Corpses. I had it on repeat after I first saw the movie.
0:09 Sid Haig is really freaking scary in this movie. Even though he was ‘just kidding.’
0:15 Where can I take this tour!?i If only it was real.
0:25 Zombie’s movies are shot different than a lot of movies. But also shot great. I wanna know where he got that from.
0:40 3/4 of Zombie’s movies take place on Halloween.
0:44 These cutaway scenes they’re doing when they show the other characters in that grainy like film is great.
0:51 Those people were like waiting under the blankets for that girl… are they gonna eat her!?
0:52 Geez he just answered the question wrong, you don’t gotta chop his head off for it!
0:58 No one in this family brushes their teeth. Grossssss.
1:00 The scene when they’re killing the cops. Pretty freaking great.
1:03 That is one creepy sex shop.
1:03 Bill Moseley is kinda similar to his character in TCM2 but not as crazy. He was just nuts in that one.
1:06 The music when they’re walking to see dr. Satan is so creepy and good!
1:10 This movie in general reminds me of TCM a lot actually.

Final Verdict:
I think #HouseOf1000Corpses is a modern horror classic. It pays homage to tons of older movies while still being very different. It was also shot GREAT, and had good music. I still wish Zombie would do more features more often.

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