31 Days of Horror – Day 2 – “Evil Laugh” (1986)

Billed as the “80’s Scream”, this film has some amusing jokes but painfully unlikable characters and a complete lack of gore. It’s worth a watch for slasher fans but nothing memorable. A particular microwave scene reminds me a little bit too much of the “Last House on the Left” remake. I would say they stole it from this movie but I don’t think anyone has ever seen this one.


2 thoughts on “31 Days of Horror – Day 2 – “Evil Laugh” (1986)

  1. Mr. Brascia, I am a huge fan of your filmography, especially your work with Evil Laugh and Hard Rock Nightmare. Evil Laugh I have several copies of but I have been having an extremely tough time coming across a copy of Hard Rock Nightmare. I figured I would take a long shot and see if you were aware of any existing copies that you would be willing to sell? If so, I would love to purchase them for myself and a group of close friends who used to watch it probably far too much. If so, please let me know. If not, I just want to say thanks again for the flicks and always know you have fans who appreciate your work.

  2. Wow remember this like yesterday still laugh when I think of how young we were when u made Dracula vampire movies when we were kids u were way ahead of the times and should be a millionaire from my mouth to God's ears wish u finally catch a break that is long overdue .

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