Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Friday the 13th: A New Beginning” (1985)


The Final Chapter? LIES!! Of course we are back with another tweet by tweet review as Tim Schilling takes a look at Friday the 13th-A New Beginning. This seems to be a love it or hate it film among many fans of the genre. Does Tim dig it?

Thoughts before the film:
Well,I’m pretty sure Jason died in the last two movies.But Im sure they’ll make a good reason as to how he’s alive now,right? #ANewBeginning

Thoughts while watching:
0:01 This didn’t start with a flashback? Oh man they’re changin’ it up this time.
0:05 I liked Tommy from Part 4, I hope they don’t ruin the character in this one.
0:13 Man you are one scared cat.
0:18 I’m really good at doing laundry.
0:21 These kids are psychopaths.
0:26 Will they ever say what happened to Trish or is it never said like all the other good characters?
0:37 The jumping cat is the only remotely scary thing so far.
0:46 Watching that guy get squished by the tree and belt thing was disgusting.
0:51 Is Reggie’s brother playing the same exact character as be does in Return of the Living Dead?
0:53 Tommy is apparently a ninja now.
0:58 This mother and son shouldn’t be complaining about the people next door. They should be living with them.
1:05 Whoa it’s raining!
1:11 Reggie’s scream hahahha.
1:22 This whole barn thing is very familiar.
1:29 I feel like that ending makes up for most of the movie.

Overall: #FridayThe13th #ANewBeginning again was basically the same thing as the first four movies, with really nothing new except that they tried making a new killer, which obviously didn’t work (until the very last scene, which was kinda awesome in my opinion).

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