Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood” (1988)


I love “The New Blood” but it is a rather hit or miss entry in the “Friday the 13th” series for many horror fans. Let’s see what Tim Schilling, our tweet by tweet movie reviewer has to say.

Thoughts before the film:
This is one of the films in the series I have not yet seen before. I hope that it’s a fraction as good as Part 6! #TheNewBlood

Thoughts while watching:
0:02 The flashbacks are back. Lame.
0:05 Longest opening credits ever?
0:07 Okay Carrie White what are you doing in this movie?
0:15 Carrie White what are you doing!
0:21 Jason is a zombie like 3 times over at this point.
0:26 At least is hasn’t been an hour into the movie until they finally show Jason killing people.
0:33 You go Carrie White, tell that bitch who’s boss.
0:35 I kind of like that they added a character like Melissa. It’s gonna be so good when she dies.
0:37 Kane Hodder is the best Jason.
0:48 They picked some goofy lookin actors for this one.
0:50 It’s getting ready to rain. Again.
1:01 There could have been 20 people named Michael in this series so for and I wouldn’t even know.
1:03 Weed is the biggest theme in this movie.
1:04 His window fetish is back.
1:07 Why the heck was that scene edited!?
1:08 Even Jason is like “what the fuck is Carrie White doing here!?”
1:16 Why is Melissa still alive.
1:17 I take that back. I like the way you die girl.
1:19 Jason is just so pretty.

Overall: Unfortunately #FridayThe13th Part VII #TheNewBlood went back to it’s boring ways again. I won’t even count the whole Carrie White thing because it was just completely random, and other than that, it was the same exact thing as the first 5 movies.

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