Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives” (1986)


When Tim starting watching this series, I had a feeling he was going to like “Jason Lives” the most of the bunch. Let’s see if my hunch on that was right…

Thoughts before the film:
After this, I will be halfway through the #FridayThe13th series. And so far, the movies are a LOT better than I remember them. #JasonLives

Thoughts while watching:
0:03 I LOVE the beginning to this one. Even when I was a kid I thought it was awesome.
0:07 Though the way Jason comes back to life makes no sense, they still do it in an awesome way.
0:10 Is it just me or does this one already seem more well put together(production wise) than the other movies so far?
0:13 Haha I love the couple who are driving the car and get stuck.
0:20 Uh oh. Kids.
0:22 AH! I JUST realized the guy who plays Tommy is in Return of the Living Dead 1 & 2. Awesome.
0:23 These paintballers are hilarious.
0:27 Does he think I’m a fart head?
0:36 This one definitely has tons more black comedy than the others. And it works really well.
0:48 There goes Jason and his window fetish again.
0:58 Jason made me jump.
1:01 I like this Tommy so much better than the one in Part 5. He’s more like the kid from Part 4.
1:07 It’s not raining yet. I’m concerned.
1:19 Well it sucks to be you right now, Jason.
1:21 Nooooo not Tommy!

Overall: #FridayThe13th Part VI #JasonLives is a HUGE improvement over the last few movies in the series. It was almost a black comedy, which I think is perfect for this series. It was just a fun movie to watch, I didn’t get bored once and the characters weren’t annoying as hell.

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