Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Scream 4” (2011)


Tim schilling is back taking a look at “Scream 4.” Though the film received some positive reviews, it didn’t scream its way to the top of the box office. How is the film two years later? Let’s dig in!

Thoughts before watching:
This will be the last twitter review for a while so enjoy it while it lasts! #Scream4

Thoughts while watching:
0:01 It’s for you!
0:05 I love Kristen Bell.
0:10 The opening scene is meh. If they did more movie in a movie thing I think it would have been so much better.
0:12 Dewey where’d ya limp go?
0:15 Kirby you’re hot but you can’t drive for shit.
0:17 I’m glad Gale’s hair doesn’t look like it got pecked on by a bird anymore.
0:21 The way this all starts up again is very anticlimactic.
0:24 I like lemon squares.
0:26 This whole movie jinxed their real life marriage
0:30 It’s so weird that Sidney isn’t the young teenager anymore, but I like how far the series has come.
0:38 I’m sure Emma Roberts would be a good actress if she got the right part, but she is SO bland.
0:54 If Kirby loves horror movies how can she call that place plant dork!? What a hypocrite!
0:56 Hahah Stab, a Robert Rodriguez film.
1:11 I want Kirby.
1:17 Who invited you, Trevor!? Get out of my house!
1:19 I wonder if the killer was shocked when the guy said he was gay, cause that was hilarious.
1:24 Kirby why aren’t you real.
1:28 Jill you are a psycho bitch!
1:30 Emma Roberts was not right for this role, because I love the motive behind the killers and she doesn’t bring it.
1:35 The scene Jill getting moved to the ambulance is perfect.
1:41 I like the way you die, Jill. Clear. Clear? Clear.

Overall: #Scream4 was more of a meta horror film for itself instead of the rest of the genre and reboots/remakes, if that makes any sense, and it totally works. I love the reasoning for the murders to start up again, and (save for one exception) the acting was good and convicting.

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