Horror Movie Challenge Day 1: Memorable Animal (Clovis–“Sleepwalkers”)


It’s finally October everyone and it is time to do our traditional thirty days of horror. Along with a horror review a day, we will also be featuring a theme each day. You can join in on the fun at Slasher Studios Horror Film Club.

Today we will be discussing our favorite memorable animal for a horror movie. For us, the title has to go to Clovis from “Sleepwalkers.” This lovable little guy is one of the few animals in a horror flick that turned out to be a hearing. Not only does Clovis save the day but, as leader of the pack, he also bands the other cats for a heroic final fight. The movie itself might not be the best horror movie ever made (hell, it’s not even the best Stephen King movie) but is sure is fun. Clovis to the rescue!


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  1. Saw this on the big screen when it was first released and remember being baffled when it was over. Hated it back then maybe I should give it another try… Maybe not.

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