Slasher Studios 30 Days of Terror (Horror Challenge Part II)


Starting on October 1st, Slasher Studios we be featuring a different horror movie each day in the following catagories. Make sure to play along at the Slasher Studios Horror Film Club with your selections. It’s going to be an October to dismember.

Day 1: A memorable animal in a horror movie
Day 2: One of your earliest encounters with the horror genre
Day 3: A favorite saw or chainsaw scene
Day 4: A great horror movie doctor
Day 5: Favorite horror director
Day 6: Your favorite movie by your favorite director
Day 7: A great hero
Day 8: Best comedy-horror
Day 9: A boring horror movie
Day 10: Favorite classic horror movie
Day 11: Most psychotic killer
Day 12: The goriest movie you’ve seen
Day 13: Favorite foreign horror
Day 14: The cheesiest horror you’ve ever seen
Day 15: A great 80’s horror movie
Day 16: Great indie horror
Day 17: Favorite horror franchise
Day 18: A movie people hate that you love
Day 19: A movie that disappointed you
Day 20: A great twist ending
Day 21: A horrible/lame twist
Day 22: Best movie based on a book
Day 23: Scariest old person
Day 24: A movie you expected to be bad, but enjoyed
Day 25: A franchise you don’t like
Day 26: Worst sequel
Day 27: Favorite OR least favorite Stephen King movie
Day 28: A great zombie movie
Day 29: A movie you refuse to watch
Day 30: One you need to watch, a.s.a.p.