A Swing and a Hit: “Billy Club” (2013) Review


When a group of old friends: Bobby (Marshall Caswell), Allison (Erin Hammond), Kyle (Nick Sommer), and Devon (Mathew Dunlop) go off together to commemorate their two Little League friends and coach, they begin to find themselves hunted. They start to wonder if it’s a kid from their past they played a prank on.

Directed by stars Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer, and also written by the two, Billy Club is a great revenge horror with everything to please horror fans. Sommer and Dunlop provide HUGE laughs for the film. Every moment with them provides great entertainment. We are also given a strong female lead in Erin Hammond. Apart from the laughs come excellent and gory kills. Every kill will leave the viewer cringing all the way through. The story itself is really engaging and keeps you guessing until it’s blowout ending that will make you want to go back and watch it all over again. Billy Club is also supported by amazing filming styles that will put many large budget horror films to shame. For great laughs and great kills, check out this excellent indie slasher.

–Cody Landman