31 Days of Horror: Day 6: “Stitches” (2012)

This is the kind of slasher that is about five times better than it has any right to be. So often at Slasher Studios we have been mourning the loss of the “fun slasher.” Well my dear readers, if a fun slasher is what you want…a fun slasher is exactly what you get here. At 85 minutes, it never its pacing never drags and is filled with such a maniacal glee that even the hard core slasher snob will find something to enjoy here.

The performances are all top notch with a special kudos Ross Noble as Stitches who plays the clown with a demonic glee and Tommy Knight as Tom who is so sincere and sweet that you actually care about his future. The rest of the cast performs well and it’s interesting to see such a bunch of misfits interact. Oh…and the deaths?! The cherry on this slasher sundae! Easily some of the best gore I’ve seen in years with the bitchy girl Sarah getting her just desserts involving an umbrella and another boy dying to…wait for it…”(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight.” Classic. Ladies and gentlemen, my new favorite slasher!