31 Days of Horror: Day 9: “Jack-O” (1995)


Directed by Steve Latshaw, Jack-O is the third installment in his horror trilogy. Starring the horror queen, Linnea Quigley, and being sent stright to video in 1995, Jack-O was not fortunate enough to get a wide theatrical release. But with a DVD release in 2005, this film has began to pick up a fan base.

Jack-O is a revenge tale that features a pumpkin-headed, scythe-wielding demon who has risen from his grave to enact revenge. This film has blood, bad acting and boobs. What could go wrong!? Well a few things. It’s interesting because this movie could really fall into the, “it’s so bad, it’s good” category, but I’m not sure if it fits there either. The film isn’t terrible, and in fact I really did have a good time with it, but the flashback and dream sequences were just not for me. I can definitely see that need for something to help tie the past in with the present time, but for me they just became old and boring at times. The present day scenes were much more fun and entertaining. Love the rock throwing scene at the beginning, it’s just so bad…

The villain, however, was great. The look of Jack-O was spot on to what they needed and if things were a bit different and this was perhaps made in a different decade, Jack-O could have been the next great horror franchise. But who knows what the future will hold for Jack-O. Will fans pick this film up and fall in love, or will it just be left in the rear view mirror as we find other lost slasher gems…? Only time will tell.