Horror Movie Challenge: Day 10: Favorite “Classic” Horror (Friday the 13th)

friday the 13th

My favorite classic horror film is easily the original Friday the 13th. I fell in love with this film the first time I saw it and I have watched it countless times since then. It had a huge impact on my desire to become a filmmaker and trying different filmmaking techniques. This piece of art has been not only influential on myself, but many, many other horror fans as well. I love the story, the characters, the deaths and just that classic overall 80’s feel.

The setting in Friday is picture perfect. The dense forest, contrasted with the wide open lake, creates cinematic beauty as this backdrop for the film has turned into an instant classic and makes Camp Crystal Lake is instantly recognizable. This setting has been a staple in the horror genre and with such a huge 80’s horror fan base in the world, this will only continue.

I have always been a huge fan of the characters. I really did enjoy them all. The main cast, including Kevin Bacon and Adrian King, had the acting abilities and screen presence to help make this film what it has become. But, in my mind, the real treats are the supporting characters. Sandy from the diner and Crazy Ralph are some of my all-time favorite movie characters and I still find myself quoting their quirky and classic lines.