31 Days of Horror: Day 10: “Tourist Trap” (1979)


Creepy, Creepy, Creepy. That’s the best way to describe the 1979 horror flick, Tourist Trap. Directed and co-written by David Schmoeller, Tourist Trap follows the adventure of a few young friends who find themselves stranded and at the mercy of an old, shotgun toting and yes, creepy, man. As the group unwisely trusts the old man, Slausen, they go back to his place and find an odd collection of some very life-like mannequins.

The film has a great look and a solid story. Great locations and solid camera work help boost the production value of this 24 day shoot. A 90 minute runtime allows Schmoeller to do a fantastic job capturing the uneasy feel and relaying that to the audience. There are a number of scenes that will make your skin crawl and make you think twice about watching this one alone in the dark next time.

The acting is without any serious problems and it is fun to see a young Tanya Roberts(That 70’s Show) take on a role of this nature. The villain is just about as creepy as they get with help from an amazing mask. This is another mask that needs a be produced for the fans to buy. What a fantastic addition to any horror collection that mask would be.

So if Tourist Trap is one film that you have not seen yet, do yourself a huge favor and see it as soon as you can. This is a truly great late 70’s horror film and one of Slasher Studios personal favorites!