Kevin & Steve’s Horror Movies: “Crinoline Head” (1995)


Kevin: Crinoline Head is the best 80’s slasher that happened to be made in the 1990’s. Everything about this movie screams 80’s slasher. Unlikable, stereotypical characters. Check. Innovative deaths. Check. Fun, cheesy dialogue. Check. Creepy backstory. Check. Whodunit mystery. Check. I just had a blast watching this film though your mile may vary depending on how much you love a good-bad slasher (this movie is obviously made in the likes of such campy classics as Sleepaway Camp). This movie is self aware but never mocking and has a genuine appreciation for both its subject matter and its character. It knows exactly what type of movie it is. The only question is, is this a movie that will work for you? Well, that depends. It is uber-low budget and it takes about about an hour for the killings to start.

Steve: Although it takes a bit for the deaths to begin, the start of the film is still able to keep you attention with the great one-liners and very…unique characters. The line delivery and overall acting ability was far too god for a film of this budget, so many props go out to the casting director for finding believable actors.

Kevin: What works about this movie? The clever, inventive screenplay and go-for-broke performances by a more than game cast. This movie is instantly quotable and has a sense of fun that is missing from a lot of the most popular slashers today. Check out the trailer below. If it looks like something you might dig, you probably will. If you are groaning and barely able to get through these two minutes, stay as far away from this slasher as possible.

Steve: Mostly likely, you will spend more time talking about the actors and their incredible wardrobe choices. Perfect 90’s shirts and denim paired with interesting looks and personalities help create an unforgettable film. Whether you like this slasher or not, you wont soon forget it!