Slashed Scenes: What the MPAA Did to the Friday the 13th Series (Part 2)

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Friday the 13th week continues here at Slasher Studios. For the next three days we will be giving you all the bloody details behind the scenes that were deemed too “shocking” by the MPAA for you to see (view part one of the series HERE). More of these deleted scenes are sadly lost forever although some of made it onto the bonus features on the Friday the 13th DVDs and blurays. The following scenes were cut in order to avoid an “X” rating from the MPAA. Hope you have a bloody blast thinking about what could have been. We will be back tomorrow with last installment of Friday the 13th slashed scenes.


Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)

– Duke’s (the paramedic) line is altered when he sees Joey’s body. In the original version he says “Bunch of *******…” while in Version 2 he says “I’ll be damned…”.

– When Pam fights off Roy with the chainsaw, she hits him twice in shoulder. Only the second hit appears in the original version as the first hit was deemed “too bloody”.

– Ethel’s meat cleaver to the head was cut from the final film. In the final film, it is implied that it hits her as her head falls in the stew. In the original version, we saw the bloody impact.

– Eddie’s death was cut to avoid an “X” rating; originally blood and his cranial innards spurted out of the straps as Roy twisted them.

– When Lana the waitress is murdered with the ax, the shot of her body quivering was cut to avoid an “X” rating.

– Junior decapitated head originally “bounces” on the ground several times as his motorcycle goes fleeing off. In the final film, it only bounces once.


Friday The 13th VI: Jason Lives (1986)

– Allen’s insides were ripped out of his body by Jason. He dragged the guts and heart out; he dropped them on the ground where his heart laid steaming.

– The triple decapitation of the 3 paintball players. The first print showed their heads being sliced right off of their shoulders.

– The two camp counselors in the car’s deaths were also trimmed: The woman speared in the water was cut of excess blood. The man was speared, lifted into the air, and then slid down the spear, leaving his insides on it.

– Jason shoved the broken bottle into the caretaker’s neck and he falls to the ground as the camera gets a close up of the blood coming out of the bottle.

– Cort’s death had a little more to it in the first print. After Cort is stabbed in the side of the head, blood begins to shoot out his head.

– The wall-to-wall blood cabin originally had a lot more blood and guts in it. There were shots of livers and hearts running down the walls, but it was all thought too graphic to have in the film.

– The backbreaking sheriff’s scene had more to it. There were more screams, more bone crushing, and his legs began to kick.

– A scene at the very end was cut. In it, a red-haired Elias Voorhees walked to his son’s grave. Knowing he wasn’t in the casket, Elias gives the camera a wicked glare.

– Sissy’s death was toned down. Originally, you could see her head torn off and dropped.

– In the original version, Nikki was supposed to have a knife come out of the RV wall after her face. Thanks Andrew for sharing this sketch!


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Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)

> Jason’s face is constantly masked in shadows to avoid shots of his moldy, decomposing face. The complex make-up was made to conform to actor Kane Hodder’s face, but was later deleted from nearly the entire movie when the MPAA deemed it “a bit too grisly”.

> Judy’s sleeping bag death was cut to absolutely no gore. In the uncut version Jason slams the sleeping bag against the tree repeatedly until the sleeping bag is soaked in blood.

> Maddy’s death, which is offscreen in the wide-release version, but in original prints a scythe is jammed into her neck and bursts from the other side.

> Ben’s death is much grislier. In uncut versions, Jason smashes his head into a mushy pulp and blood pours down his face.

> Eddie’s death was cut. In the original version, we see his head drop to the floor, but in the theatrical version, we only hear it.

> Russ’s head splits open as Jason hits it with an axe. This scene was also cut.

> Amanda Shepard’s death is virtually unseen in the wide release, which only shows her get stabbed from behind for a second and then cuts to Doctor Crew’s shocked face. Uncut, she is impaled on the blade, which juts violently from her chest. Jason then lifts her off the ground on it and waits until she finally dies.

> Dr. Crews was killed with a tree-trimming saw. Originally, Jason tore into his gut, spilling out a fountain of entrails and blood that spurted up into the air.

> Melissa’s death has an ax violently cleaving her face in two, splitting it down the middle in a gruesome close-up that left her eyes still wiggling in their sockets. Jason then tossed her aside, which is all we see in the cut release.

> Dan’s death was also cut. There was a shot of Jason’s hand ripping through the front of his body with guts attached.

> Tina Shepard has a vision of her mother’s demise at Jason’s hands while driving a car. Buechler originally wanted the vision to be of Jason holding the severed head of Mrs. Voorhees, but Gulf + Western wouldn’t allow it.

> A denouement scene was filmed in which a fisherman in a boat on Crystal Lake hooks a largemouth bass, but as he’s reeling it in, Jason rises from the lake and pulls him under. The scene was removed from the final cut, because it was deemed too close to the ending of the original Friday the 13th and Part 3.

> Michael’s death was cut. Originally, Jason rammed the spike all the way through his body, causing blood to spurt out.

> Tina’s vision of Michael getting killed was also more graphic.


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