Slashed Scenes: What the MPAA Did to the Friday the 13th Series (Part 1)

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It’s Friday the 13th week here at Slasher Studios. For the next three days we will be giving you all the bloody details behind the scenes that were deemed too “shocking” by the MPAA for you to see. More of these deleted scenes are sadly lost forever although some of made it onto the bonus features on the Friday the 13th DVDs and blurays. I hope someday we get an ultimate cut that includes all the films in their gory glory. A slasher fan can dream, right? The following scenes were cut in order to avoid an “X” rating from the MPAA. Hope you have a bloody blast thinking about what could have been. We will be back tomorrow with more Friday the 13th slashed scenes.


Friday the 13th (1980)

– Annie’s death was a little bit longer. It showed more blood come out of her throat after it was slit.

– Jack’s death was originally longer. There was an shot of Jack from a top view. In this shot, the arrow in Jack’s throat turns, causing much more blood to shoot straight at the camera, and also in his mouth.

– Marcie’s death was a little longer. Originally, the axe hits her in the face and she slides all of the way down to the floor.

– Mrs. Voorhees’ death was actually longer. It took her a little longer to fall down and blood was squirting out of her cut neck.

– A scene showing Claudette’s death was filmed, but then left out of the final cut. Claudette was actually knifed in the neck. (this one is up for debate according to the Crystal Lake Memories documentary)


Friday the 13th Part II (1981)

– A close-up shot Jeff and Sandra being double-impaled while having sex on the bed.

– A close up shot of Crazy Ralph and the wire cutting.

– A scene at the very end where we are shown the inside Jason’s shack and see Pamela’s face. While there, her eyes open. It was cut by Paramount for looking too fake.

– A facing shot of Mark’s face being split by the machete.

– Blood was trimmed from the shot of Jason driving the hammer in the cop’s head.

– The flashback footage showing Mrs. Voorhees decapitation was trimmed.

– Blood flow was cut from the shot of Jason driving an icepick into Alice’s head.

– Additional blood flow was cut from the shot of Jason slicing Scott’s throat.


Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982)

– The death scene of Andy showed his right leg and stomach being cut apart.

– Vera’s death was longer, it included more blood and a shot of her reaction. It was cut because the board said that it looked too real.

– A different ending in which Chris, is killed by Jason. Instead of being attacked in the water by his mother, Chris axes Jason in the head and goes out to lay in the canoe. The night becomes dawn and Chris gets out of the canoe to go back into the cabin. Chris walks up to the front door and opens it. Right there in the door is Jason with an axe in his hand. He grabs Chris by her hair and slices her head clean off of her shoulders.

– Excess blood was cut from Edna’s death.

– The impaling of Chili with the hot poker was cut. Originally, the impalement was shown, along with a splash of smoldering blood.

– Debbie’s death originally showed blood spraying across her upper half.


Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)

– Nurse Rhonda was originally held up and gutted, but it ended up being cut out so that it only showed her being stabbed.

– A scene where Trish finds her mother drowned in a bathtub. (cut by the filmmakers and included without audio on the DVD/blu)

– The original death of Axel lasted a few seconds longer with more blood and more grisly flesh shown.

– Samantha death was also cut as we were to see the full impact of the blade going through her body.