A to Z Horror: “Body Bags” (1993) Review

I watched Body Bags for the first time (“B” of #AtoZHorror in August) and it was pretty good for a first horror anthology film. It is different in every way than watching a regular feature film but that can be fun too. There were 3 segments in total, and here is what I thought of them. “The Gas Station” was easily the best segment, it was fun to watch, had suspense, great story and not to mention: fantastic horror cameos by Wes Craven, David Naughton and Sam Raimi!

“Hair” is downright awful and is in every sense a misplaced segment… It might be cheesy and funny sometimes but it drags on for too long and when something finally happens it is too late. Worst segment of the bunch. Lackluster story too.

Finally “Eye” was really interesting to watch and had a good story and Mark Hamill was great. I liked the blood effects but the ending is a letdown. The introductions of John Carpenter were awesome and he was really amusing and great cameo by Tobe Hooper in the end. This horror anthology has flaws but the positive beats the negative at the end. Worth a watch, recommend it for the legendary cameos alone!

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–Ferdi Akkulak