A to Z Horror: “Halloween” (1978) Review


I have finally seen Halloween (1978) for the very first time (“H” of #AtoZHorror in August) and as everyone told me, I loved it! This movie has easily become one of my favorite horror movies of all time! Halloween doesn’t need to rely on blood and gore and is perfect in its way of building up suspense and showing our scary and mysterious killer. Halloween is one of the best scored horror film I have ever seen and benefits from having perfect camera work by the legendary John Carpenter, a simple but really interesting story, astounding cinematography and some strong and fun acting performances by Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, P.J. Soles and Nancy Loomis. As a matter of fact, Laurie Strode has just become one of my personal favorite final girls and scream queens.

I loved how much effort Jamie Lee Curtis put in this fascinating and totally likeable character. I can go on for much longer telling you how much I loved it but Halloween is a suspenseful cult classic and a groundbreaking entry in the horror genre. This is a must see/have for every (horror) movie fan out there! Michael Myers is a really menacing, vicious and scary killer.

–Ferdi Akkulak