Action Thiller Delivers The Goods: “88” (2015) Review


Katharine Isabelle is back with a vengeance! 88 follows the story of Dwen a young women who is seeking revenge on the people whom she thinks brutally murdered her boyfriend. With nothing but revenge on her mind she ultimately puts herself and those who try and help her in dangerous.

88 comes to us from director April Mullen and stars horror icon Katharine Isabelle who takes on the lead role in this gripping thriller. 88 was actually the first film I saw of 2015 and I must say it is a shockingly brilliant thriller. Running at just 88 mins it was exciting from start to finish.

The film introduces new ideas for the audience and makes you think about new and interesting concepts which before you may not have thought about. The ideas and themes which are raised in this film should alone be a credit to it as it makes it more than just your average revenge thriller.

There were moments in the film where the tension is so high you can’t take your eyes off the screen. Katahrine Isabelle is mesmerizing as always and another reason why your eyes will be glued to the screen.

There are many scenes of awesome gore effects and blood splatter that makes this film brilliant for gore fans out there but doesn’t overuse the gore factor. Without giving too much away, one shockingly moment that got me finds Gwen (Isabelle) in a motel bathroom pulling back a shower curtain. That scene stuck with me for some time after the film ended mainly for the fact it was so unexpected.

As the film reaches its suspenseful ending, I actually didn’t want the film to end as I felt that it was completely brilliant in every way. However, the ending might be a bit of a let down for some people in its predictability but, for me, I loved it! I thought the ending (although I kind of seen it coming) was still unexpected in many way. That I gasped at the end tells you that I enjoyed the film.

Overall, I can not recommend this film enough horror fans, crime film fans and thriller fans across the board anyone will like this but as with most films it will not be for everyone.

88 received a US DVD and Blu-Ray release from Mulenium Entertainment in January 2015 with a Canadian Release expected for March 2015. The film makes its world premiere at Glasgow Fright Fest this Friday.

–Ross Wilcock