Horror Poster Friday: “The Evil Dead” Trilogy

Last week I did a write-up on how much I love the fan art for the 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead, one of my all-time favorite horror films. This week, I’m taking a look at the immortal 1981 Sam Raimi classic The Evil Dead and its sequels. 1981 was a big year for horror, arguably one of the biggest. Lots of films were made that year but not many from that year can say they spawned two sequels, a remake, and an upcoming TV show. Shot on a budget of around $350,000, The Evil Dead is the kind of classic every indie filmmaker wishes to create.

Without further ado, our first poster.

Art credit: Mark Welser

Stunning. Beautifully psychadelic and macabre and I love the stained texture and vibrancy. It’s simple, it’s creative, and it works.

Art credit: Adam Juresko

I’m a sucker for posters like this. I love all the contrast and it’s very cleanly edited with the worn edges of Ash perfectly executed.

Now on to the first sequel, Evil Dead II.

Art credit: Jason Edmiston
My personal favorite of this list. All of the colors are layered perfectly and there’s so much detail in the drawing. Hollywood horror really needs to take notes from this artist and hire him for some pieces.

Art credit: Randy Ortiz

Another clean, detailed drawing. Simple, elegant, and disturbing. The simple choice of font is breathtaking and the minimal use in color adds to the unique and unsettling feel.

Closing out this list, Army of Darkness.

Art credit: Jeff Boyles

I can’t get over how many small details are put in this. The red background contrasts with the
black and white Ash beautifully and all of the little lines and the tiniest of details aren’t forgotten.

Art credit: Richey Beckett

Yet another highly detailed drawing. Another which keeps color to a minimum but still manages to grab your attention immediately. Absolutely gorgeous.

Three classic films, six gorgeous posters. Check back next Friday for the next Horror Poster Friday.

–Noah Nicholas Nelson