Party Til You Drop Dead: 80’s Slasher Homage PARTY NIGHT Interview


A few weeks ago, we had the chance to chat with Troy Escamilla about his new film, PARTY NIGHT, on Slasher Studios Horror Podcast. Now, we less than two weeks left on the kickstarter, we are bringing you another interview with the man behind the upcoming slasher. Become a backer today (link below) and help share the slasher goodness. Lots of great rewards and it’s going to be a hell of a good time! Miss the podcast? No problem! Check out the link below the kickstarter.


1) What’s your earliest memory of the horror genre?

My earliest memory of the horror genre was when my parents took my brother and me to see Poltergeist. It was rated PG, so they probably didn’t think anything of it, and while it scared the crap out of me, I absolutely LOVED every second of it! My parents caught wind of this and luckily allowed me to explore the genre as I grew up. I have such fond memories of going to my local mom and pop video store back in Iowa each weekend and just being in awe of all the cool and creepy VHS cover art that stared back at me from the horror section.

2) Were you always a fan growing up? Any go-to favorites?

Well, ever since I saw Poltergeist as referenced above, I have been a fan! As far as genre favorites go, my all time favorite horror film is Bob Clark’s Black Christmas. I feel like it is criminally underrated in its influence to the genre. It pre-dated Carpenter’s Halloween by four years and did everything that Halloween gets praised for. Don’t get me wrong, I also love Halloween! Some of my other slasher favorites include Terror Train, Sleepaway Camp, StageFright, Intruder, Hide and Go Shriek, Prom Night, Hell Night and of course, Scream

3) Tell us about Party Night.
Party Night is an 80’s style throwback slasher film that deals with six friends who become prey for a sadistic psychopath when they ditch their school’s after prom party for their own celebration at a secluded house. It really is my love letter to the genre and to slasher fans. I promise is is going to have fans grinning from ear to ear with cool characters, gruesome death scenes, and a kick ass killer! It will be everything that made slasher fans love the genre in the first place.

4) What films/filmmakers did you turn to for inspiration while writing Party Night?

Party Night was inspired by a combination of slasher films and there are references that horror fans are going to get that will make them giddy. However, the one film I had in mind when I was writing Party Night was the 1984 slasher The Mutilator. Though it has its share of problems, it remains one of my favorites from the 80’s simply because I think it encapsulates everything that made these films charming to fans in the first place. I also love the tone and atmosphere of the film along with the creepy and sinister isolated setting.

5) Before we get into the Kickstarter for the film, what’s your plan for production (shooting schedule, cast, etc)

The plan is to begin filming around June 8th. We are tentatively looking at seventeen day shooting schedule. We have our main location already secured, and is perfect for the project. It’s just outside of Houston and is several acres of land. Completely isolated. It also has all of the physical structures that we need and the lake, which has a role in plot of the film. The only disadvantage I can think of is that it will June in Houston! Hot, humid, sticky! We have an amazingly talented young cast in place who are all so passionate about this film. Please just take a second to view each of their introduction videos that are on our Kickstarter campaign page and you will see why they were selected!

6) What are some of the rewards that backers can receive for pledging Party Night?
We have rewards starting at just $1 because seriously, anything helps! For $1, backers will get a social media shout out and receive the first ten pages of the screenplay. A $10 pledge will get you and advanced screening link. $25 will get you the DVD. $100 will get you VIP tickers to the premiere here in Houston. $500 gets an awesome prop from the film! There really are many great perks for all different pledge levels, but the important thing to remember is anything does help!

7) What do you plan to do with the movie after release? Film festivals, dvds, etc.

I am hoping that the film will make its debut in October. Certainly, our Kickstarter supporters will be the first to view it, and we are also planning for a premiere here in Houston. Additionally, the plan is to submit the film to film festivals that cater to the horror genre.

9) What’s your all time favorite horror movie?

As I mentioned above, Black Christmas is definitely my favorite horror film. I also love Psycho, Carrie, and more recently, It Follows.

10) What advice do you have for the next generation of horror filmmakers out there?

If you want to make a film, just go for it. Don’t wait around for that “right time” or for someone to tell you it’s okay. I regret deeply that I have waited so long to follow this dream of mine. We are fortunately living in an era where things like digital film, crowdfunding, and the internet make it much easier and much cheaper to make a film. There really is no excuse.

11) Where can readers go to find out more information on the film?

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