Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: Instagram Challenge (Part 2)


Are you ready for part two of the brand new Horror Challenge and are you also on Instagram? Make sure to use the hashtag #slasherstudioshorrorchallenge during the month of January to participate. Make sure to also follow us so you can see all of our bloody picks! It’s never too late to start and we’ve been receiving some fantastic picks so far! On this week’s Slasher Studios Horror Podcast, we went over the days 11-18 of the challenge so make sure to listen to an archive through the link below.

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: Instagram Horror Challenge (Part 2)

Boy, Crazy: “The Boy” (2016) Review


While trying to escape a dark past, Greta takes a job in the UK as the nanny for a young boy named Brahms. Upon arriving at the elderly couple’s mansion, she’s surprised to find that the boy she is supposed to be caring for is actually a large doll. Greta is unsure what to think, but when the couple leaves her with a set of rules for Brahms, she learns that there is a price to pay when these rules are broken.

When I first saw the trailer for The Boy, I immediately thought it was going to be bad. After the atrocity that was Annabelle, films with creepy dolls just don’t scream scary. Not only this but it looked like it was going to be filled with cheap jump scares. However, upon seeing the film, I was very much surprised. Let me start by saying that, it’s not actually a full-blown horror, in the end it plays out more like a mystery/psychological thriller with horror elements. It really feels like a Twilight Zone/Tales From the Crypt episode. The film moves at a very steady pace. We are thrust right into the story immediately and it starts out innocent with us in the same mindset as the lead. We think this couple completely nuts and couldn’t possibly see ourselves taking care of a doll. So in this respect, it’s aware of the fact that this is just a doll, and even when some of the creepiness occurs, we don’t immediately think the doll is alive, but think of something more ghostly and not jumping to conclusions. However at the same time, we find ourselves trying to figure out just what the hell is going on just like Greta. I will be upfront and say that there are shitty jump scares, but fortunately it isn’t really stuffed with them. More than anything it uses more atmospheric tactics in order to really creep us out, and it does a pretty decent job of it. I will even say there were times when the doll itself creeped me out a bit (screw you Annabelle). When the final act occurs, that’s when shit really begins to get crazy and you are hooked all the way through. To say anymore would give quite a bit away, but I will say this, DO NOT let this be spoiled for you. I didn’t see the ending coming at all and saw it as a huge sucker punch that had me questioning “what the f**k??”

Lauren Cohan is fantastic as our lead. The character feels very real and Cohan plays the part as realistic as well. She acts how any normal person would act in this situation. But once things get going, Cohan does an amazing job of showing Greta question her mentality. Aiding Greta in this mystery is the couple’s grocery man Malcom, played by Rupert Evans. Evans is also a real treat providing a great amount of charm and laughs, and shares great on-screen chemistry with Cohan. Like Cohan, Evans also plays his character with a great amount of realism. It is due to this that we are rooting for these two to get out alive.

The Boy I can say will be the most underrated horror film of the year. It is not your average doll film like Annabelle or Dead Silence (I honestly hated the latter as much as the former), or super violent like Child’s Play. Will it be as memorable as Child’s Play? No. But it is a film that sincerely stands on its own and takes what could have been a predictable snooze fest and breathes new life into it by going into a different territory. This is thanks to pretty strong writing (and a great final act), creepy atmosphere and cinematography, and solid characters brought to life by two find leads. Again DO NOT LET ANYONE SPOIL THIS FOR YOU!!!

-Cody Landman


One Is Never Enough: “The Final Girls” (2015) Review


On Saturday night I watched The Final Girls (2015) for the very first time. This movie was never released in theaters where I live and I had to wait a little under three months until it was finally available on DVD and Blu-ray format. In those three months I’ve heard many great praises from the horror community and by the looks of the amazing trailer I wouldn’t have expected anything else.

The Final Girls is directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson (A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas). The cast includes: Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story), Malin Åkerman (Watchmen), Adam DeVine (Workaholics), Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley), Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development), Alexander Ludwig (The Hunger Games), Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries), Angela Trimbur (Halloween II) and Chloe Bridges (The Carrie Diaries). I have finally seen The Final Girls and I absolutely loved every second of this masterpiece. Easily one of the best horror comedies I’ve ever seen in my life. It turned a smile on my face and it even had me on the verge of shedding a tear in some scenes. It is innovative and altogether nothing short of excellent. The acting performances are very solid and the standouts were without a doubt: Taissa Farmiga, Malin Åkerman, Thomas Middleditch, Nina Dobrev and Angela Trimbur. Especially the chemistry between mother and daughter (Farmiga and Åkerman, respectively) was really strong and believable. The script is brilliant and features many winks to cheesy dialogue of horror movies from the 80’s. Totally quotable! The direction from Todd Strauss-Schulson is superb, as he really manages to capture a perfect camp setting without trying too hard. The cinematography is gorgeous and the soundtrack is outstanding. The song “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes has been stuck inside my head ever since I’ve heard it in this movie. I’m definitely planning to purchase the Soundtrack CD. The Final Girls features many iconic moments, the characters are relatable and the visuals look stunning. The picture quality on the Blu-ray looks fantastic.

My main complaint with this movie is the lack of blood, gore and nudity. The PG-13 rating could’ve easily been an R rating. I feel like it’s a missed opportunity, but a bigger audience can be reached with a PG-13 rating and I think the makers were having the exact same idea. The Final Girls is a near perfect horror/comedy with a heart in the right place. I highly recommend it to everyone! Destined to become a cult classic, it’s only just a matter of time. The ending makes room for a sequel, which we’ll hopefully get one day. I fully support that idea.

–Ferdi Akkulak

Join the Gory Fun: Slasher Studios Horror Challenge on Instagram


Are you ready for a brand new Horror Challenge and are you also on Instagram? Make sure to use the hashtag #slasherstudioshorrorchallenge during the month of January to participate. Make sure to also follow us so you can see all of our bloody picks! It’s never too late to start and we’ve been receiving some fantastic picks so far! On this week’s Slasher Studios Horror Podcast, we went over the first ten days of the challenge so make sure to listen to an archive through the link below. It’s a bloody good time!!

Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: Instagram Horror Challenge (Days 1-10)

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80’s Slasher Review: “The Burning” (1981)


On Friday night I watched The Burning (1981) for the very first time as part of ‪#‎80sHorrorWeek‬ together with the awesome Midnight Society crew. I own this movie on Region 1 DVD since last spring, because it never got a home video release where I live. The Burning is directed by Tony Maylam (Split Second). The Weinstein brothers had written and produced this movie through their production company: Miramax Films. The cast includes: Brian Matthews (The Young and the Restless), Leah Ayres (Bloodsport), Brian Backer (Fast Times at Ridgemont High), Larry Joshua (Dances with Wolves), Lou David (Over the Brooklyn Bridge), Ned Eisenberg (Law & Order), Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Fisher Stevens (Short Circuit) and Oscar-winner Holly Hunter (The Piano). A plethora of young actors made their acting debuts with this movie. The Burning has been recommended to me a lot in the past few years. As a devoted lover of 80’s horror/slasher movies, I knew I had to watch this movie as soon as possible. And I’m glad that I did, cause I absolutely LOVED it! The story is interesting enough and doesn’t feel like it tries to rehash or rip-off the concept of the original Friday the 13th. The death scenes are bloody, brutal and shocking. Tom Savini did an outstanding job with the blood and make-up effects and in that department it’s truly a step up from Friday the 13th. His creation of Cropsy is sheer genius.

If you happen to own the MGM DVD, than watch the special feature: “Blood ‘n’ Fire Memories”. You can thank me later! The murder weapon (hedge clippers/scissors) is creative and effective. The camp setting in this movie looks beautiful and I love the “upstate New York” locations. The characters are stereotype and none of them really stand out (this hurts the “final girl” aspect), but you can’t help but love these goofball characters. The camerawork is solid and the cinematography is eye-catching. I feel like the movie loses some steam towards the end, but The Burning is a purely entertaining 80’s slasher none-the-less. I also must note that the soundtrack is wonderfully composed and creates a good atmosphere. It’s truly a shame we never got to see a sequel to this movie, or even a possibility for a franchise as Cropsy is an interesting villian and I wanted to see more of him. The ending definitely left the door for a sequel wide open.

I honestly don’t want this movie to ever get remade. They’ll never manage to dethrone the campy 80’s style. If you’re a fan of horror/slasher movies, than I highly recommend you to give The Burning a chance. It shouldn’t be labeled as a clone to Friday the 13th, as both movies have plenty of redeeming qualities and are equally fun to watch.

–Ferdi Akkulak



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Scream Queens & Kings Wanted For 80’s Throwback Slasher PARTY NIGHT


Have you ever wanted to be a slasher star? Here’s your chance! Auditions are currently underway for the upcoming 80’s style slasher, Party Night. We here at Slasher Studios have had the chance to read the script and let’s just say…it’s to die for. Check out the requirements below and slash on!

From the official press release:

Have you ever wanted to put your screaming ability to the test? This is your opportunity! We are seeking auditions for our very first feature film, the 80’s throwback slasher Party Night. The film, which promises to be full of scares and blood, will focus on six friends who become prey for a sadistic psychopath when they decide to ditch their school’s after prom party for their own celebration at a secluded house. The film is tentatively scheduled to be filmed in the Houston, TX area June 11th-20th, 2016. Meals, transportation, and lodging will be provided to the cast. Additionally, cast will receive an IMDB credit, a copy of the final film, film material to add to their reel, and the chance to be viewed in a feature that will be viewed via a variety of outlets, including film festivals.

If you are interested in auditioning for a role in Party Night, please contact us at [email protected]. The list of roles and character descriptions are listed below. Let us know what role(s) you are interested in auditioning for, and we will send you the character sides and instructions for completing and submitting your video audition. We will accept auditions until March 1st, 2015, however, casting decisions may be made before that time depending on the submissions we receive. We look forward to hearing from you and having you potential be part of our very first feature production!

For the TEEN roles (the principal cast), we are looking for actors between the ages of 18 and 25 or those who can reasonable pull off resembling and acting like a high school senior.

Make sure to follow the film on Facebook for updates: Party Night on Facebook

Party Night Character Descriptions:

Amy Sanders: High School Senior. Quiet, an introvert who wears her shyness and lack of confidence reluctantly. She wants to break out of her shell, but feels that school work, approaching college, and her boyfriend should be more important focuses for her. Nelson’s girlfriend. (Final girl).

Nelson Hardison: High School Senior. Handsome with boy next door good looks. Slim and athletic, but embraces his intelligent and mature side first and foremost, as evidenced by the manner in which he carries himself and his attire. Amy’s boyfriend.

Andrew Messner: High School Senior. Blond, blue eyed. Verges on being a complete jock, but his jokester side and easy going nature makes him more approachable and instantly likable. Olivia’s boyfriend. (Shirtless scene and mild sex scene required)

Olivia Duncan: High School Senior. Friendly and genuine. Very attractive, but it not “in your face” about it. Has the tendency to be high strung and anxious in certain situations. Andrew’s girlfriend. (mild sex scene required; willing to go topless preferred, but negotiable)

Molly McBryant: High School Senior. Bright and beautiful and quite aware of it. Can be called a “diva,” but not overly obnoxious about it. Used to getting what she wants and can turn quite bitchy when she doesn’t. Travis’s girlfriend.

Travis Bock: High School Senior. Very handsome and mature looking; often mistaken for being quite older than eighteen. Possesses an intense and almost hard exterior, but genuinely cares about those who are close to him. Molly’s boyfriend.

Benson: 40’s-50’s. Rugged, used to a hard day’s work.

Barking Up the Wrong Movie:THE FOREST (2016) Review


There is a forest in Japan where people are said to enter only to commit suicide. The spirits of those who die are left within. When a young woman learns that her twin sister has entered the forest, she quickly flees to Japan in order to save her. Entering the forest with knowledge of its history, she learns the legends are true. 

The Forest tells almost the same story as The Grudge 2. But there’s no real “curse” or anything. In this case, there only lies madness. The film jumps into the story immediately and we get little snippets of the twin sisters’ past. Combining that along with what the locals are telling our protagonist, it’s easy to sense that this will come into play at some point. The first half of the film is our lead Sarah going around looking for answers and hearing the same stuff over and over. It’s around the middle of the film when she’s in the forest when things actually start to happen. Unfortunately there is zero suspense or good build up. The jump scares in this film are well done if you’ve never seen a horror film before.

However, I will give it credit for its fantastic use of the forest setting. I am a HUGE sucker for horror films that take place in the woods/forest. The way they filmed certain scenes made the forest seem extra creepy and leaves you with the thought of isolation like our characters and the concept of being lost. Almost the same way Blair Witch made me feel (but Blair Witch did a much better job of course). The film also made you question what is and isn’t real along with the characters. Some of it was obvious, but then there were times where I was questioning whether it was a hallucination or not. Unfortunately that’s where it’s pros are cut off. Everything else in the remainder of the movie is Sarah running into ghosts and is completely rushed. When the ending rolls around, it ends up pretty predictable, but not entirely how I thought it was going to play out. So in that respect it was a relief. But I will say it does end with the infamous jump scare we all know and love. Yes, that one.

In terms of performances, Natalie Dormer tackles on the role of our lead Sarah, and her twin sister Jess. Quite frankly I was more interested in Jess, whom we obviously don’t get to know very well. And then there is Sarah who is very bland and uninteresting. Dormer does what she can with Sarah, but there really isn’t a lot to do with the role and no real emotional pull. Whereas when she played Jess, it actually seemed clear that Dormer has something to work with that involves acting. The only one who I thought gave the better overall performance was Taylor Kinney as Aidan whom Sarah enlists to help her. What Kinney does is leave us questioning whether or not he’s really reliable and he does a fine job at it. From the get -go he’s comes off as charming but there’s also something sketchy about him. So that at least gives some life to the story in terms of character.

Overall, The Forest has very few moments that grip you, but it’s definitely one that you won’t be missing out on if you choose to not see it. Excellent setting and good mind play were the strengths of this film but it’s not enough to make up for its many weaknesses. 

–Cody Landman