Horror Movie Challenge: Day 11: Most Psychotic Killer: Beverly Sutphin (Serial Mom)

As Serial Mom begins we meet Beverly Sutphin (in a go-for-broke pitch perfect performance by Kathleen Turner). She appears to be a typical suburban housewife living with her dentist husband Eugene (Sam Waterston) and their children, Misty (Ricki Lake) and Chip (Matthew Lillard) in the suburbs of Baltimore. Behind her Doris Day façade, however, she […]

Halloween Horror Challenge: Day 8: Favorite Horror-Comedy (Girlfriend From Hell)

The devil is on the run and being pursued by God’s assistant, a devil chaser named Chaser (played with pitch-perfect comic timing by an underrated Dana Ashbrook). When the devil makes a wrong turn to a high school birthday party, the devil takes over the body of innocent and painfully shy Maggie (wonderfully played by […]

Halloween Special! FREE US Shipping on All “Don’t Go to the Reunion” DVD Orders

To celebrate the slasher season, we are now offering FREE US shipping on all “Don’t Go to the Reunion DVD orders from now until October 31st. Act now and we will also include some extra goodies with your order! Only $15 ($20 international) or $25 with a special Reunion t-shirt. The special features are tentative […]

Horror Movie Challenge: Day 6: Favorite Movie by Favorite Director (Wes Craven’s New Nightmare)

Day 6: Your favorite movie by your favorite director: “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare” To me, New Nightmare is that rare horror film in which everything works. The performances are pitch perfect, lead by a tour-de-force performance by the amazing Langenkamp (she has never been better than she is here). The script is full of twists […]