October Horror Challenge: 31 Days of Horror

happy halloween_2011

October is right around the corner horror fans and you know what that means: lots and lots of horror movies, pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, and Halloween! To celebrate the month that every horror fan waits for year round, we will be watching a different horror movie every day for the entire month. What’s even better is that YOU get to join in on the fun! Every single day we will be reviewing a different horror movie at Slasher Studios Horror Film Club and we want you to help us talk about our favorite horrors. Below is the list of horror movies we will be checking out. Feel free to talk about each of them on the day they will be reviewed. It’s going to be a gory good time!

October 1–Poltergiest
October 2—-Demons
October 3–Popcorn
October 4–Night of the Scarecrow
October 5–Billy Club (Oshkosh Horror Film Festival)
October 6–Nail Gun Massacre
October 7–Jack-O
October 8–Curse of Chucky
October 9–Tourist Trap
October 10-Warlock
October 11-Hell Night
October 12-Hard to Die
October 13-Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
October 14-The Gremlin
October 15-Deadly Blessing
October 16-The People Under the Stairs
October 17-VHS 2
October 18-Warlock Moon
October 19-Killer Party
October 20-the Witches
October 21-Deadly Friend
October 22-Village of the Damned
October 23-Link
October 24-Humongous
October 25-Offerings
October 26-Night of the Demons
October 27-Silent Night
October 28-Hell High
October 29-The Convent
October 30-Halloween
October 31-Trick r Treat