31 Days of Terror: Day 29: “Night of the Demons” (1988)


If you are a Linnea Quigley fan, then chances are very good that you have seen and probably own Night of the Demons. Directed by Kevin S. Tenney, this 1988 horror flick is a must-see as we near Halloween. Angela is throwing a Halloween party and an old abandoned funeral home. Creepy to the max, this house may not be as deserted as they attendees think. With a fun and capable cast, Night of the Demons plays well anytime of year with an abundance of gore!

With a perfect 90 minute running time, Tenney is able to pace this film out with ease and success. The direction is well done and the characters are fun to watch and follow all the way up to their demise. Quigley is great in just about everything so not much is need to be said about her, but she is just one of the stars that helps lift this movie into 80’s hierarchy. One of my person favorite and lesser know actors is Hal Havins, the actor playing Stooge. Stooge is your classic big, beer loving asshole who can turn almost any of his lines into a laugh.

The house used in Demons is one out of any horror fans dreams. As indie filmmakers, Slasher Studios is well aware of the challenges of location scouting. Just finding the right place is hard enough, and that’s the easy part. Getting the permission needed and gaining the trust of the owners is an adventure in its own. So finding out the story behind this funeral home location would be interesting to say the least.

Be sure to check out the unrated version on DVD to see this film in all of its gory goodness. Steve Johnson was in charge of the effects and absolutely nailed it. The makeup and blood that can be found in this movie are to die for. Any horror filmmaker would be proud to display such a high level of creativity and quality in their films.