Horror Movie Challenge: Day 29: Horror We Will Never Watch..Again (Texas Chainsaw 3D)


Todays topic is: “Movie I Will Never Watch.” As much as I want to talk about the Paranormal Activity sequels, we have spent way to much time and thought on those the last few days. So, I’m going to tweak it a bit and go with: “Movie I Will Never Watch Again.” As film lovers we should at least attempt to watch the films that are available to us, right? Well, the film that jumped into my mind as one I will never watch again is, Texas Chainsaw 3D. I had such high hopes for this as we here at Slasher Studios covered it from the first announcement. I enjoy this franchise and was glad to see it alive once again. But, as soon as I found out it was going to be in 3D, I knew I should be worried.

The funny thing is that the 3D stuff was not the aspect that killed this film for me. It was by far and away the characters and story. I found the characters to be unlikable and forgettable. This is one of the greatest horror franchises ever and we as horror fans deserve at least one character we can relate and identify with, or even tolerate for 92 minutes. And what a slap in the face this script was. *Spoiler!!* Heather decides to team up with Leatherface after he just finished chopping up her friends!? This was like a script that had gone through one draft and never looked at again. It’s too bad because so many people were excited to see Leatherface again, but not like this.