Women in Horror Month: Sorority Row


This female-powered slasher film tells the story of a group of sorority sisters who find themselves being stalked by an unknown maniac one year after they accidentally killed one of their sisters in a prank. For these girls it will take the power of sisterhood to survive the killer party in store for them.

This 2009 remake was a bomb at the box office, despite its hot cast and great throwback to classic slashers. It features great kills, and witty dialogue, but what stands out the most is its female cast.

Typically in slasher film, there is usually more focus on certain characters than any others. While we do have a focal character, each female in the film is considered a lead have their own chance to shine.

First up is Briana Evigan who stars as Cassidy. Cassidy is our focal character who we supposed to root for and relate to the most. She is the conscience of the story, has the most strength of the girls, and isn’t afraid to stand up to whatever or whoever is in her way, and truly loves and wants to protect her fellow sisters.

Next is Leah Pipes who stars as the bitch you can’t help but love, the queen bee, Jessica. Jessica is the character that isn’t afraid to say how she feels, even when it’s at the most inappropriate moments. She is definitely the character that really only think of herself, but she’s also a strong woman in her own way and isn’t afraid to take a stand (she has no problem taking an ax to go after their assailant). But even when she has the chance to run, she doesn’t leave her sister behind.

Rumer Willis plays Ellie, the brainy one. Despite the fact that she is typically seen crying and screaming and panicking through the film, Ellie is a lot stronger than she actually thinks.

Jamie Chung plays Claire, Jessica’s sidekick. She wants to be like Jessica, but it doesn’t take her long to see the error of her ways and wants to break free from her role as the sidekick and become a stronger and better person. She’s also not one to take any shit from her boyfriend (who’s a total dick).

Finally there’s Chugs, played by Margo Harshman. Chugs is the drunk and slutty sister who knows who she is and quite frankly isn’t ashamed or afraid to express it. Like Jessica, she says what’s on her mind and doesn’t sugar coat things.

So, even though certain characters make have more screen time than the others, each of these women have their own time to shine and show their female empowerment as leads. They could be strong from beginning to end mentally and physically, some have to come into their strength, and some have inner strength and self-confidence that make them just as strong as the others.

–Cody Landman