Slashed Scenes: What the MPAA Did to the Friday the 13th Series (Final Cut)

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Friday the 13th week continues here at Slasher Studios. We’ve been giving you all the bloody details behind the scenes that were deemed too “shocking” by the MPAA for you to see (view part one and two of the series HERE and HERE). More of these deleted scenes are sadly lost forever although some of made it onto the bonus features on the Friday the 13th DVDs and blurays. The following scenes were cut in order to avoid an “X” rating from the MPAA. Hope you have a bloody blast thinking about what could have been.


Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)

> Jim’s death was much gorier. Originally, Jason shoves the entire spear gun through his stomach, then rips it out, causing Jim’s intestines to slide out along with a large amount of blood.

> Suzy’s death was far more gruesome. Jason shoves the spear through her stomach and twists it non-stop. There were close-up shots of Suzy’s mouth gurgling blood and blood rapidly oozing from the spear wound.

> Tamera’s death in the original print was completely different. Originally, Jason repeatedly stabs her with a mirror shard in a shower while she’s completely nude. Blood rapidly oozes from her stab wounds and Jason keeps stabbing non-stop.

> The scene where the uncredited boxer gets the hot sauna rock shoved into his chest cavity was a re-shoot. Originally, Jason jammed two darts through his eye sockets, but it was deemed too graphic in the final cut, and the MPAA forced the crew to re-shot it.

> A close up shot of Julius’ head being knocked clean off was cut.


Jason Goes to Hell (1993)

These scenes are included in the unrated DVD release.

– The doctor bites three more times into the heart. The following close-up is a little longer as well. He rubs the heart on his face.

– The woman in the tent is impaled by a spear and we also see her spit up blood (happens off screen in the R-rated version).

– The shot of the bar in Duke’s leg has been extended. Other than that the sound of him loosening his leg from the ground has been censored in the R-rated version.

– In the confrontation scene at the hospital, the killer is shot and a chunk of his face is blown off. Once again, this is not shown in the R-rated cut.

– As the killer pulled the woman towards him the blood spraying over his face is missing. Now after she said “Go to hell!” he pulls her closer and cracks her head. Blood gushes out of her head.


Jason X (2002)

> Dr. Wimmer’s spearing death was slightly trimmed of bloodflow.

> An alternate, less gory take was used in Adrienne’s face-smashing death.

> A scene featuring a space warrior getting skewered by a screw which spins
around and around was slightly shortened.

> The scene of the Marine crawling after being cut in half is edited down.

> A short scene was cut featuring a female cadet posing with an immobile Jason.

I hope you enjoyed our series of slashed scenes from the Friday the 13th series. Have a gory good Friday the 13th and stay safe campers!!


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