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Ready to celebrate the upcoming slasher season in blood red style? Slasher Studios latest feature, Dismembering Christmas, is the movie for you. It was supposed to be a holiday vacation they would never forget, not a holiday vacation they would never survive. When Mark and his friends go up to his fathers new vacation home for Christmas vacation, they were ready for a fun time. Out in the middle of nowhere, the house is cheerfully decorated for Christmas. But an unknown visitor is there, and one by one they are murdered. Its Christmas and not a creature is stirring except the killer in the house…

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DVD Extras include:
Audio commentary with Actor/Director Austin Bosley
Audio commentary with Writer/Producer Kevin Sommerfield
Fly on the Set: Making Of Dismembering Christmas
Theatrical Trailer
Teaser Trailer


Dismembering Christmas DVD

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War Horror: OVERLORD (2018) Review

A group of soldiers crash into a Nazi-occupied village where they discover the Nazis are performing sinister experiments on the people of the village.

Right from the get-go, Overlord is fast-paced and delivers thrills with an intense plane crash sequence. The whole sequence is intense and extremely well-filmed. From there, the intensity is very consistent, as is the cinematography. There is a long tracking tracking shot of a character running out of a building that looks brilliant. While this movie does feature a plot that has horror elements, the movie itself isn’t as full-blown horror as the trailers give off. Much of this movie is war and action based with horror playing a part in it. The zombies/mutants aren’t a huge presence or bring much carnage, but they are still integral to the story. This isn’t to say the movie itself doesn’t offer intensity, and it definitely offers plenty of great blood and gore.

There really isn’t one dull moment in the movie. The cast really helps boost the movie along and they all do an excellent job, most especially Wyatt Russell as the bad-ass corporal, and Mathilde Ollivier as the strong female character who helps the soldiers. For the most part the characters are likable, a couple of them start out annoying or unlikable but develop character arcs that redeem them. The lead character is way too nice for a character thrown into WWII and is opposed to the violent acts around him and it got annoying until the final act when he becomes more of a bad ass. There’s also a character who is a huge asshole that ends up redeeming himself. I’m definitely glad this ultimately didn’t become a Cloverfield-universe film because they would have to jump through really ridiculous hoops to connect it, probably more ridiculous than Cloverfield Paradox. Much of the movie comes off as the plot of a video game and often plays out like one, and that offers much of the entertainment.

It’s a pretty ridiculous plot and doesn’t go too in depth with the experiment or explore it too much, but this is still one wild and entertaining action-horror film.

–Cody Landman

Witch Reborn: SUSPIRIA (2018) Review

In this remake of the 1977 cult classic, a young aspiring dancer attends a dance academy where sinister events are occurring behind closed doors.

Dario Argento’s classic is known for its amazing score, cinematography, and great gore, Luca Guadagnino’s remake takes elements of the original story and tells its own tale, and it succeeds. This remake relies entirely on slow-burn suspense and minimal gore (at least to me it was minimal) to keep the viewer engaged. For a horror films that’s two and half hours, I was never bored. There are moments sprinkled out, along with the score, that keep you hooked on trying to see what happens next. Sure there are moments involving the psychologist that I thought were dwelled on too much, and yeah it does come into play in one plot-point, but it wasn’t an aspect I cared much about. There are also some background events that brought in involving a terrorist group that didn’t feel necessary for me either. The dance sequences are fantastic and so well-choreographed, Dakota Johnson nails all of this, as do the supporting cast. The witches in this film are pretty damn evil and they make you feel uneasy. All of the slow-burn suspense builds up to one hell of a great and intense final act with a great twist I didn’t see coming, and one hell of a great blood bath sequence. Gudagnino’s direction is solid and is very reminiscent to how things were captured in his previous film Call Me By Your Name, and the score here doesn’t reach the level of the original film, but for this version of the film it works.

My only issues come from a not terrible, but kind of unnecessary Epilogue sequence, and there are some details that aren’t entirely laid out or some things not made entirely clear. Maybe this is intentional and will saved for the sequel? Who knows. And while Dakota Johnson did a serviceable job with what she had, her character Suzy is pretty bland and boring throughout a majority of the film. I was hoping she was would have been able to express a stronger performance in this film so she can eventually shed her Fifty Shades image and the talented actress she actually is. As mentioned though, she does master the physical performance of her role. Tilda Swinton is great as Madame Blanc as well as the male psychologist. And while Mia Goth starts with not much to do, her character builds into an extremely interesting characters and offers the stronger performance after Swinton.

This is definitely one of the best remakes ever made in my opinion, I didn’t absolutely love it, but I do find it a pretty great film and paid great respect to the original film while providing it’s own version.

PS, there is an end credit scene, very brief, but could ultimately be important.

–Cody Landman

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From now until Halloween, we are offering a killer deal on our first feature, Don’t Go to the Reunion. Pick up the film on DVD or limited edition blu-ray for just $10 each. Only 200 of these have been printed on blu-ray (with only a small handful left) and each one is hand numbered for a special collector’s touch. Featuring exclusive extras not available anywhere else, don’t miss your last chance to down our first slasher feature in glorious HD.

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* Filmmakers commentary
* Exclusive cast & crew interviews on the making of Don’t Go to the Reunion
* Don’t Go to the Reunion Video Review
* Don’t Go to the Reunion promo video
* Don’t Go to the Reunion trailer
* Don’t Go to the Reunion teaser trailer
* Dismembering Christmas trailer
* Theatrical World Premiere Interview With Director Steve Goltz & Writer Kevin Sommerfield
* Slasher Studios Horror Podcast audio feature (A Look Back at Don’t Go to the Reunion)

DVD or Blu-Ray

Little Trick, Lots of Treat: HALLOWEEN (2018) Review

Forty years after the traumatizing events on Halloween 1978, Laurie Strode has become a recluse who has been arming and preparing herself for the day Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield. As a result of this preparation, she caused a strain in her relationship with her daughter, who in turn tries to keep her own daughter away from Laurie. But as Laurie predicted, Michael escapes from custody and returns to his hometown to bring back terror to Haddonfield, but Laurie is ready.

Completely re-writing the events of the original series, and taking the series in a new direction, this sequel succeeds in giving us a new take of Laurie and her life. Like Halloween H20, we see Laurie traumatized after the events, but this is shown in a different way. She still has a taking for alcohol, but this time she’s not in hiding, she’s hidden, but only to prepare herself for Michael’s return, and boy is she prepared. Her house is armed in almost every way imaginable. One of the most interesting things of this sequel is the family dynamics between the Strode ladies. The best scenes are the ones involving the women and their relationship with one another. I genuinely wish we had a lot more of this than what we got. Instead we are given some very lame side plots, one involving a documentary crew wanting to get inside the mind of Michael and Laurie and the events of that night. This plot is so pointless and really only serves a mean for Michael to get his mask back, and this could have been done in a much better way. Had this whole portion of the story been scrapped and more time focused on Laurie, her preparation and the relationship with her family prior to Michael showing up, it would have been a much stronger story. Needless to say, the documentary crew were pointless characters. We are also thrown into the high school drama of Laurie’s granddaughter Allyson, more pointless material and more characters we don’t need. There is an initial trio of Allyson, her best friend Vicky, and Vicky’s boyfriend Dave that I enjoyed. They were a trio of fun-loving friends. I wanted more of just these three characters, instead we are given Allyson’s boyfriend and the ultimate drama between them and a Halloween dance, and then we Allyson’s boyfriend random best friend. Apart from Allyson, her group of friends are so underdeveloped that they also only serve as body count characters. This is a shame because, like I mentioned, I liked the initial scene with Allyson, Vicky, Dave. I definitely wanted more of Vicky, there’s a scene of her baby-sitting and her interaction with the kid is great. Had the dance aspect been scrapped and just focused on her and her friends’ relationship and them being there for Allyson during her family drama, could have made them much stronger characters. Then there is Allyson herself, Andi Matichak does a decent enough job here as Allyson with the very little material she has. Andi and Jamie share some great scenes together, but when she’s not with Jamie, her character is just so boring and she doesn’t have anything to do besides cry, scream, and run, apart from one moment towards the end of the movie. There’s also a random plot point involving Michael’s new doctor that feels really odd to have in the movie and is really only used as a tool to get to the final act, other than that it was pointless. We also get random points of humor, some of it works, but most of it was just so cringeworthy and ruined some of the mood.

Now, as far as what this has all been built up to, Laurie and Michael’s big encounter. What we got was fine, the whole cat and mouse sequence is intense, but I feel like they could have gone so much further than they did. The fight shown in the trailer is not present at all (apparently this was in the original ending that they cut). And I honestly feel a real fight would have made a much stronger final act. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great and badass moments that involve all 3 Strode women, but again, this all could have been so much better. Judy Greer does a fine job as Laurie’s daughter Karen and knocks it out of the park in the scenes with Jamie and Andi. But as mentioned, I wanted a lot more of her than we got. Jame Lee Curtis owns this movie, she brings so much pain, paranoia, and strength to the role. There are several moments where you feel so bad for Laurie and you see how much she tries to hold it together, Jamie hardcore delivers this. And her kill mode in the final act is great. Finally we have Michael Myers, he is ultra brutal in this film and still terrifying. Michael’s portrayal by James Jude Courtney and the original Shape, Nick Castle, nail Michael’s mannerisms and physical movements perfectly and it’s great seeing him roam around town seeking prey. Another one of the film’s strengths lies in the great callbacks to not only the original film, but the original series in general, some are obvious, and some are more subtle depending on how many times you’ve watched the original series. While I didn’t find this entry as chilling or intense as the original, it is very well-done in terms of how it was made. The camera work is great as is the sound and lighting.

I know it may seem like I had a lot more negative things to say, but really it all amounts to the fact that we have random plot points that weren’t necessary, characters that range from pointless to underdeveloped, some cringe-worthy and not very funny humor, and a slightly underwhelming final act. Again, had this movie been much more focused on Laurie’s preparation, her trauma, and the dynamics between her and family, this would have worked for a much stronger story. But for ever weak spot, it does have its strengths on a technical scale, the acting, and Michael Myers himself and watching him stalk Haddonfield. If you’re a hardcore fan of the series, I can’t imagine you won’t enjoy this film. Despite its flaws, it’s a very worthy sequel and does justice to Laurie that Resurrection pissed on in 2002.

–Cody Landman

IRRATIONAL FEAR Slashes Into Two New Horror Screenings

We are thrilled to announce that our latest horror film, IRRATIONAL FEAR, has been chosen as an official selection at two upcoming killer film festivals. This Sunday, October 7th, IRRATIONAL FEAR will be closing night screening at the NEPA Horror Film Festival and on Saturday, October 13th the film will be screening at the Northeast Wisconsin Horror Festival with select members of the cast & crew in attendance. In addition to these two killer screenings, the Irrational Fear crew will also be appearing at Crypticon – Minneapolis with a vendor table selling all sorts of gory goodies.

Big thanks to NEPA Horror Film Festival and Northeast Wisconsin Horror Festival for the screenings!

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Filmmaker’s Commentary
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What’s Your Fear? Featurette
Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: The Making of Irrational Fear
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Indie Horror Trailers
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Fun House: HELL FEST (2018) Review

A group of friend attend a traveling horror festival where a masked killer begins to stalk them and seeks to make them his newest victims.

I am still shocked that this movie managed to snag a large theatrical release. Almost everything about it looked like a straight to digital/very limited release. So I was very much excited to see that an original slasher film was getting a theatrical release. This movie turned out to be better than I expected. I had a blast with this film from beginning to end.

I fell in love with the characters almost instantly and found myself wanting to be a part of their group. They weren’t annoying or dramatic or stereotypical. Just a group of fun-loving and thrill seeking friends. Granted we are dropped hints early on, and occasionally throughout the film that this is some off-backstory regarding the lead and her relationship with her best friend and her best friends roommate that aren’t entirely brought to light. The setting of the film is fantastic. They brilliantly capture the spirit of horror attractions and the people who go through them. Not only this but they use it so perfectly in major moments of the film that brings a lot of intensity, especially in the final act where a major cat and mouse chase scene happens. As fun as this film was, it definitely could have upped the kill factor. It wasn’t as gory as I was expecting, which I can get passed, but there is a moment towards the end of the film where the writers chose to kill off two character simultaneously in the same lame fashion, clearly just so they could wrap things up and get down to the big chase mentioned above. There are some moments that occur that will make people question the logic of certain events, some of them I caught, but I wouldn’t necessarily hold it against the movie as a whole. It does go on a couple of minutes longer than it should have to reveal a final scene that I didn’t find all too necessary, mostly because it didn’t really provide anything interesting to leave with. It’s also worth mentioning the great score by Bear McCreary who provided us with the fantastic score for 10 Cloverfield Lane, the score in this also adds a great amount of suspense to particular scenes. The cast here is clearly having fun with this film and their roles to the point where much of their behavior and dialogue felt pretty damn natural.

While our three main guys did a fine job with their respective roles, it’s the three leading ladies whom I felt brought the most life to the film. Amy Forsyth stars as our lead girl Amy. Forsyth does such a great job of showing this scholarly, shy girl and then really delivers it when her characters fights back. I would go so far as to say that the character of Natalie and Forsyth herself turns in a performance that could easily be considered a modern day Laurie Strode (yes I went there). We then have Reign Edwards as Natalie’s best friend Brooke. The pair share some solid chemistry and the two characters’ friendship in sweet enough, and Edwards does a good job of being the teasing and prodding best friend who wants the best for Natalie. And finally we have Bex Taylor-Klaus as my favorite character in the movie, Taylor. Taylor-Klaus easily brings the most fun and sass to the film and her character. Watching Taylor feels as if I was really watching Taylor-Klaus just be herself on-screen. She’s a thrill-seeker with so much spunk and sass and isn’t even ashamed to jump at the jump scares in the attraction, no matter how brave she tries to present herself. As far as the killer, there isn’t exactly anything special or memorable about his appearance, but he’s still a creepy enough presence and enjoys taunting his victims.

I definitely feel this will be a movie that horror fans will either love or hate. It’s definitely flawed as far as some writing choices, but when it comes to a fun and original slasher film that’s actually seeing the light of day, with a fun cast and all around likable characters, and an amazing setting, I would say that’s worth more than a couple of writing flaws in my book.

–Cody Landman

Conjuring Up Weak Thrills: THE NUN (2018) Review

A young woman training to become a nun is recruited to join a priest and a villager to investigate the mysterious suicide of a nun. When they arrive at the church, they discover that an old evil is lurking within.

The titular nun Valak was introduced in The Conjuring 2, and while I thought that film was decent, Valak was easily the most terrifying part of the film. What made her scary was the subtlety of how she was used. Here she is relegated to roaring and lunging at characters in the dark. As a result, the film about the nun made the nun even less scary. The saddest part is that Valak isn’t used entirely that much here. The film itself is actually pretty dull compared to the two Conjuring films and Annabelle Creation, it ranks with the original Annabelle film in that lacks any real intensity or scares. What we get is extremely generic with jump scares that will only scare teenage girls or the most easily scared viewer. There is one scene towards the end involving a character having to maneuver their way through a creepy room of nuns that is a little intense, however, it bares a strong resemblance to a similar scene in the first Silent Hill movie. I do give it credit for providing a spooky atmosphere with its setting, however.

The film also suffers from a bland and uninteresting script in addition to bland and uninteresting characters. The lead character is supposed to have psychic visions, but this is hardly used in any way that matters to the plot. The character of Frenchie is made annoying by having him pipe in painfully unfunny comments. The priest character is written as your typical tortured priest who has his own past demons and wants to redeem himself. In a nutshell this is an extremely uninspired film. The best part of the whole film was the ending that shows how this film connects to The Conjuring. The performances by the cast were so-so, Tassia Farmiga in particular does as well as she possibly can with such a boring character. Had this not been a Conjuring universe film, I could easily see this being straight to DVD or buried somewhere on Netflix or Hulu.

–Cody Landman