Bad 90’s Horror Movies: “Wes Craven Presents Wishmaster” (1997)

The movie tells the story of an ancient Djinn which is trapped inside a red diamond and waits for somabody to unleash its power. The movie begins with a narration of the back story of the Djinn and says that the one who wakes a Djinn shall be given three wishes. Upon the granting of the third, the unholy legions of the Djinn shall be freed to rule the earth. Fear one thing in all there is…fear the Djinn.

Then the scene tales place in America where a wooden crate falls and breaks by accident. A worker finds the diamond and keeps it only to find out the wicked results of posessing it. The truth is that we are talking about a very bad movie here but very pleasnt to watch. There are some very interesting cameos in the movie such as Robert Englund who was Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street series, played an antique collector and Kane Hodder, who played Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th series, played a security guard. Also in the film were Tony Todd from Candyman, Ted Raimi from Darkman, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, Ricco Ross from Aliens, Joseph Pilato from Day of the Dead, Reggie Bannister and the voice of Angus Scrimm (both of the Phantasm films), Jenny O’Hara from the later Devil, Jack Lemmon’s son Chris Lemmon from Just Before Dawn and George “Buck” Flower (who was often used in small parts in various horror-movies of the 1980s and early 1990s, often directed by John Carpenter). Verne Troyer of later Austin Powers fame appears as the smaller Wishmaster when he first escapes from his gem prison.

It is also interesting to note the appearance of a Pazuzu statue, a personification of the demonic figure which possessed Linda Blair’s character in the Exorcist series. This can be seen in Beaumont’s collection room and on display during the party scene where it attacks some of the guests, though it is never formally referenced. Wes Craven was one of the producers of this films. Anyway, every decent director has the right to astray once a while. So, are you ready to make a wish?

–Panos Tsiros


Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Leprechaun 4: In Space” (1997)

Our resident twitter reviewer Tim Schilling is back battling the evil leprechaun, this time in space!, with a brand new tweet by tweet review for “Leprechaun 4: In Space.” Campy, over-the-top, and with graphics that make SYFY look like Avatar, it seems to be just what the doctor ordered with this series. Nevertheless, does it get “too” goofy so that we now longer care? Let’s dig in and find out!

Thoughts before the film:
I’ve been looking forward to this movie since I started watching this series again. Also its the last 1 I own,& I dont like the series enough to buy the last 2. Even tho itll bother me that I dont own 2 of them. #Leprechaun4

Thoughts while watching:
0:01 Oh god these animations… Syfy does a better job.
0:03 ….what’s on this guy’s head.
0:06 I actually liked Jason X, so if this is at least similar to it, since it’s going in the future and all, I’ll be happy.
0:12 The leprechaun even has a light saber now. He is definitely a Jedi master.
0:15 I wanna know who’s idea it was to have someone get shocked by peeing on the leprechaun’s detached arm.
0:19 I won’t ask why there’s a night club on a space ship with ~20 people on it.
0:23 Why isn’t the leprechaun rhyming?
0:28 Katy Perry would definitely play the princess if they remake this movie.
0:32 The ship carries hazmat suits in size leprechaun?
0:36 I’d love to read the script to this movie. It must be absolutely ridiculous.
0:49 Did Shakespeare really say shit happens?
0:58 I can see where the prosthetics begin and it’s the only thing I can look at now on the captain.
1:08 Don’t be a drag just be a queen.
1:19 Bimbo from hell. You mean Princess Peach?
1:31 The leprechaun can’t be alive after this movie.

#Leprechaun4 wasn’t as fun to watch as the others. I think I got sick of the obvious inconsistencies and just lazy filmmaking finally.

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Worst Horror Movies Ever Made: “Night of Horror” (1981)

I see the term “worst horror movie ever” thrown around a lot online and I am usually shocked when I see the movies that are being referred to. Most of them I adore! Night of Horror is one that I can’t say I enjoyed. It commits the ultimate sin of being unbelievably boring.

The movie concerns a group of four adults heading out for a trip. They end up having some mysterious RV trouble and find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere. Okay, there’s the plot. There’s really nothing else to the plot other than that. This is going to be a horrible review because there’s not enough here to actually review. The first 10 minutes feature two guys sitting in a bar (actually looks more like a basement) chatting. The camera is sitting on a tripod. There’s no other camera angles or close ups at all. The sound is really difficult to hear. After the long opening sequence, our hero joins up with his friend and two other women and they get into their RV and head out. On the way our hero flirts with one of the women and she proceeds to read an entire short story to him on camera.

We are treated to what feels like 10 to 15 minutes of watching the RV drive down various roads. There’s also a piece of black tape on the camera lens that is on there for a good bulk of the movie. How did the filmmakers not notice this? Our happy foursome finally end up stranded in the woods and are confronted by some civil war ghosts. Cut to 10 to 15 minutes of stock war footage. Finally, after that “Night of Horror”, the group reunite some old bones or something and head home.

There you go. Worst movie ever made because nothing happens for the full running time. It took me several tries to stay awake through the entire thing. But I did finally manage it. Still, I don’t regret seeing it. Since I do consider it the worst movie ever made there is something to say for actually seeing it. Watch at your own risk!

–Nathan Johnson


Horror Movies So Bad They’re Great: “Savage Vengeance” (1993)

I have talked about this film a little in the past, it’s a film that, after a few viewings, easily becomes SO bad it’s good. Savage Vengeance is the best of bad film making. You know you’re in for a fun ride when the opening title spells the name of the film wrong…

Savage Vengeance plays as a sequel/quasi remake (rip off) to Meir Zarchi’s seminal classic I Spit On Your Grave. Jennifer was raped 5 years ago and cleared of murder upon taking her revenge. 5 years later Jennifer and a friend skip school for a remote cabin in the woods and are subsequently raped, her friend killed, and mutilated by two local hicks. Jennifer once again takes it upon her to exact revenge…

Oh, boy…where to start? This movie is simply so terrible….This film runs for a scant 66 minutes and it is an hour of sheer awfulness. Savage Vengeance is shot on video, with consistently awful camera work, lighting, acting and music throughout…

Although she’s appearing under a false name, let me reassure you folks, the star of this film is indeed Camille Keaton and she manages to ham it up as much, if not more, as her cast mates. She is a great actress indeed…just not here. One just gets feeling the poor woman doesn’t want to be there, everything, from her stilted dialogue to her bad crop of dyed red hair seems off…

A BAD synthesizer score that NEVER relents makes the movie’s brief stay seem much longer, dead bodies move, characters never change their outfits despite the film taking place over 3 days, near fatal wounds vanish in between scenes…I could go on and on about how many faults this film has, it’s the worst kind of bad film making and yet…I DO love this film. I don’t know why when the filmmakers can’t even spell their own title right, but to me this film is like a drug, I just want to watch it more and more…Savage Vengeance is truly a wonder to behold for bad film making. I implore any fan I Spit, Camille Keaton or just a sucker for bad movies like myself to seek it out!!

–Reece Glen Donnell


Worst Horror Movies Ever Made: “Silent Night Deadly Night 2” (1987)

After reading Justin McKinney’s review of Crazy Fat Ethel 2 (nicely done) this film came to mind and I thought I’d put my thoughts here about this film.

First off a premise concerning the little brother Ricky continuing his brothers killing spree is not a bad idea, I could even say that the idea of having a flashback sequence through the eyes of Ricky is also an interesting idea, but to have the whole film be a flashback film ith maybe 20 minutes of new footage is abysmal. I had the Double Features version by Anchor Bay, but it was stolen, it had an interesting commentary by the director who says he didn’t want to just re-edit the first film and sell it as a sequel, but didn’t have the funds to make a new movie and that he even tried to contact Eric Freeman to participate with him on the commentary but he is nowhere to be found (curious).

This film is nothing more than a long setup for the 3rd film(which I haven’t seen)as what happens on GARBAGE DAY, lol I had too, results in the plot for the next film. The acting is atrocious and laughable, the gore and FX are just god awful and there really is no point in this film except for that line I said above and the commentary track.

The first film was nothing special as it had its own share of problems, but it had a coherent story and knew what it wanted, it gave us enough time to care for the guy and it suked to see him become so evil, in this film we know very little about Ricky and considering he was absent through most of the first film and was a baby at the start he really didn’t have much bad exposure, so him becoming nuts is just crazy in itself.

If you find this film try to get the Anchor Bay Double Feature, as the commentary is only on that and we do get the uncut first film with many features on both.

–Eric Curto


Worst Horror Movies Ever Made: “Halloween: Resurrection” (2002)

Halloween: Resurrection is a film that, to be brutal should never have been made. It was made for one reason, and one reason only: the almighty dollar. It boasts such “stars” as Busta Rhymes, Tyra Banks, Thomas Ian Nicholas and Sean Patrick Thomas. Poor Jamie Lee Curtis, who Dimension had under contract, is given a wicked mess of a cameo in her final appearance as Laurie Strode.

After an utterly ridiculous attempt at undoing H20’s perfect ending (a retcon so stupid it must be seen to be believed), we find Laurie Strode locked away for the murder of an innocent man (who, so obviously, was not who she killed at the end of H20). She knows Michael is coming back for her, and she is “ready.” After a painfully contrived scene in which Michael and Laurie have one final catfight, we move on to the real “story” of Resurrection: A bunch of idiotic, hollow, stereotyped college students are chosen to do a webcast in the home of Michael Myers! (This notion is rather laughable, particularly considering that Myers is still, by all logic, on the loose!) Under the supervision of Freddie (Rhymes) and Nora (Banks), the students, led by the painfully “good” Sara (Bianca Kajlich), agree to be locked in the house on Halloween night!

Of course, you know what’s going to happen, you know who is going to survive, and you know there’s going to be an obligatory close-up on Banks’ rear during a supposed “horror” scene. Sadly, no merit comes out of the film. The mask looks like an ape, the actors are horribly boring, and Busta Rhymes is annoying to boot. Particularly laughable scenes involve a by-knife decapitation, Tyra Banks making a cappuccino, and Busta Rhymes literally putting Michael in check. Oh, yeah, and this ridiculous notion that he eats live rats and sleeps in an underground tunnel next to a picture of Laurie. The film comes to a “climax” (very randomly) after the deaths of two lead characters… and three are killed off within three or four minutes, just for the sake of isolating the “heroine.” Best of all, she is literally getting clues via email from a viewer who is crushing on her, whose subplot is particularly dumb. After several one-liners, Busta saves the day… spouts off another groan-inducing spiel (he does this several times in the film)… and alas, a lame sequel setup follows.

My first, and biggest, issue with this film. If you’re going to retcon a truly satisfying ending, why follow it up with utter dreck? Jamie Lee Curtis not only phones it in, but she seems to intentionally ham the performance up. (She dislikes this film, in particular, by the way) Her resourceful, determined heroine is dispatched with utter stupidity- having to see if it really is Michael she is about to kill. “Hmm… let’s see… you just tried to kill me… but if you’re not my brother, I’ll just let ya go.” DUMB.

The story that makes up the bulk of the film is laughable at best. First off, there is no plot here whatsoever. Yes, the original was very light in the plot department, but it more than made up for it with its style, it’s fun characters, and it’s slow, suspenseful lead-up to a fantastic finale. This movie… there is no sense of progression whatsoever. These teens are “selected,” three are random… three others are best friends… a little convenient, I might say. One is a bimbo, another is obsessed with food, two are sex-obsessed morons, another is an arrogant, bitchy “smart girl,” and the last is an intensely boring, dull stereotype “heroine.” Busta Rhymes is utterly grating as selfish-prick Freddie, whose sole purpose is to make money… Tyra Banks has a total of about six or seven minutes screen time, and does literally nothing but make a cappuccino with a camera on her ass… and as Sara, Bianca Kajlich (now, this could be chalked up to a bad script) is dull and unintriguing. The remaining cast is not worth mentioning… at all. The “Blair Witch Online” approach is asinine, and serves only to give us moments of shaky-cam. The “style” of the film reeks of direct-to-video, and tries to emulate the original’s “moody blue” atmosphere. However, everyone just looks like a dark smurf, and the “finale” is overlong, boring, and capped off by two laughable bits: The obligatory “This is for her, and him, and all of them, you bastard!” chainsaw attack (which itself is hilariously cut short with an “Oh, shit.”)… and a karate-chopping, ball-zapping, one-liner-spouting Busta Rhymes. He manages to deliver three cheesy one-liners in this scene… in addition to countless others before… and one or two more after.

With bad direction, no plot, horrendous characters, an awful opening, and a truly laughable set-up and premise… and the fact that the film takes itself way too seriously despite this, Halloween: Resurrection is a steaming pile of excrement.

–Joshua Dean


Good Premise, Bad Execution: “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane” (2006)

Let’s see…worst horror film…worst horror film…I could just post every horror film that appeared on MST3K (Werewolf being my personal favorite of the bunch), or anything from The Asylum, but that’s too easy. There are a lot of bad horror movies out there, but most of them are made by people who shouldn’t be behind or in front of the camera in the first place. Therefore, the worst horror films for me are the ones where there’s some obvious talent involved, but it’s completely wasted. With that in mind, my worst horror movie choice (always subject to change) is All The Boys Love Mandy Lane. My review:

When I finally got to check out the long-delayed (and still not available in the US) film All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, I thought maybe what I would get is a cool little horror film that I could enjoy from time to time. Considering all the hype surrounding it, I knew it wouldn’t be this decade’s “horror savior”, but I thought it could be pretty good.

Simply put, it’s not. Coming from someone who has really enjoyed some of the horror films put out since 2000, I thought this one was bad. REALLY bad. Let me break this one down a bit for ya:

The premise is good. No argument there. The idea of getting a bunch of guys together on a ranch with the girl they are ALL after could have made for some seriously good horror cinema. The problem is…nothing is done with it. All the guys trying to get with Mandy Lane are dumb as shit, and aside from talking about how they want to get with her, and occasionally flirting with her, nobody really does anything. The title of the film probably should have been “All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, But It’s Not That Big Of A Deal”. Maybe that was the point, but I don’t think so.

Moving on to the actual characters, they all are pretty bad, even Mandy Lane. I read in a review that the characters are more like real teens than the teens you seen in most horror movies. To this I say: Really? I mean, at this point we are used to the typical teenage characters, but aside from the black guy (who, for once in these movies, doesn’t act like a complete stereotype), these guys were as bland as slasher movie characters get, and cliche to boot. There’s the virgin (Mandy Lane, if you haven’t guessed), the jocks, the stoner guy (who thankfully isn’t as over-the-top as most characters of that kind), the bitches, and one guy who is there but really doesn’t have anything to do. For a film that’s supposed to be above average, it sure sunk to below average in terms of characters.

And was this a slasher film? I really couldn’t tell. People get stabbed and cut, sure, but for the most part people just got shot by the killer. I’m sorry, but using a shotgun in a SLASHER film doesn’t cut it. The suspense in a slasher film comes from the fact that the killer needs to physically get to you. When the killer can just blast you from a few feet away, suspense is the only thing that really gets killed.

Speaking of kills, there’s nothing really spectacular in this film. Spoiler: a girl getting a shotgun shoved through her head was probably the highlight. Sadly, it was also the first kill in the movie. I was thinking as I watched this that, if all else failed, I’d at least have some cool kills that I could talk about, but again, most of the people get shot in this film, so that’s already out.

What about the music and the look of the film? Well, if mostly shitty pop/rock songs and a look that’s been done better in a lot of other films is your thing, then you’d probably dig them. I didn’t, though. There was a bit of score music that I thought was good, but it was so underused that it didn’t really matter. They also went for a gritty, desaturated look, which works well in some horror films, but unfortunately in this film it made every shot look like it was from a video for a depressing country song.

So yeah, waste of a good idea, bad characters, no suspense, no good kills. Am I missing anything? Oh yeah, how about the ending? I mean, if the film ends pretty well, at least you’ve got that, right?


First off, we find out who the killer is about half way through the film. It just so happens to be Mandy Lane’s best friend, who she allegedly stopped being friends with after a freak pool accident near the beginning of the film. So yeah, I’ve already got problems with that. But this film isn’t done yet. Oh no. As the film nears the end, we come to find out that Mandy Lane is a psychotic bitch who is in love with the best friend now. So yeah, this film just went Natural Born Killers on us out of nowhere. But wait! There’s more! After all the stupid characters are dead, and our crazy-go-nuts lovers are about to off themselves, she turns on the best friend (like I said, she’s a psychotic bitch) and won’t kill herself. Then, he’s about to kill her, when a throwaway character from earlier in the film shoots the best friend (you just have to see it). The best friend isn’t dead, though, and goes Voorhees on said throwaway character with a machete (the character doesn’t die, though…um, what?). Mandy Lane goes running off, but falls into a pit with cow corpses in it. (There was a story about killing cows earlier in the film. I guess they thought they should throw in what happened to the bodies…whatever..) The best friend finds her, they yell and fight with each other in the corpse pit, then the best friend’s machete gets lodged in a piece of wood that she was going to hit him with, so she kills him with that (again, you just have to see it). Then Ms. Mandy Lane walks back to the throwaway character (who is unaware of her involvement in the murders for some reason), puts him into a Jeep, and they drive off. Roll some earlier footage of all the teens being happy, and a shot of innocent Mandy Lane that turns red. Cut to credits.

Excuse me while I borrow your barf bag.

So yeah, the ending was definitely the shit icing on the crap cake that was All The Boys Love Mandy Lane. I’m sure there are other, more incompetent films out there that would make better candidates for “Worst Horror Film”, but this one actually had the potential to be good, and that’s a lot more aggravating to me.

–Ryan Bozell


Worst Horror Movies Ever Made: “The Last Slumber Party” (1987)

Where do I begin? How do I categorize a “film” that is from an entirely different planet? It’s a horror movie that’s not horrifying in the slightest. It’s a slumber party flick that is unlike any slumber party I’ve ever attended. It’s hilarious and cringe-worthy at the same time. It makes absolutely no sense but I TOTALLY get it. It’s the ugliest looking movie I’ve ever seen, yet I think it’s an art masterpiece. It was the first movie of its kind and there will never be another movie like it. The Last Slumber Party is my #1 favorite so-bad-it’s-good movie!

It only runs 71 minutes, but I can honestly tell you that if it was 8 hours long I would never get bored. I’m not going to tell you the plot because it’s irrelevant. What makes LSP so bad? The production values are extremely low and crappy. Not only were the worst possible cameras used, but the quality of the film (and video) varies drastically throughout. One minute the picture quality looks like crap, and the next minute it looks like a piece of crap took a shit. The entire movie feels like a bad student film, and it probably is. The actors playing high school students look like they graduated from high school 15 years before. And you can forget about any believable special effects; you can see the blood squirting out of the fake knife.

So what makes LSP so great? Well the acting is horrible, but I find it endearing and hilarious! We’ve all seen bad acting, but you’ll be shocked and amazed at just how bad it really is. Don’t worry, there are plenty of drug-induced flat deliveries of lines and blank stares at the camera to go around. This movie is filled with plenty of stinky cheese to invade your nostrils! And who can turn that down? LSP also has some of the best one-liners from any movie, ever. “Because he’s so fucking good looking, that’s why!” “I was getting tired of booze anyway. Let’s get high!” “El Creepo seems to have vanished into thin air.” “What is this, stereo telephones?” “God I need a fucking valium!” “Oh Linda, don’t be so QUEER!” And one of my favorite things is how they reuse the SAME shot of the killer walking towards the camera with knife in hand throughout the entire movie! Talk about getting more bang for your buck. And make sure to look out for “final girl” Chris. She is one of the most entertaining characters I have ever seen in a movie, even if she does look like she did a little too much nose candy.

If you like hilariously bad movies, actors making asses of themselves on screen, psycho killers in scrubs, homophobia, nightmares within nightmares, and getting high because you got tired of booze, I recommend that you watch The Last Slumber Party. It’ll blow your mind. It’ll turn your world upside-down! And let me remind you: while you watch LSP, “don’t whack it too hard. You can get hair on your palms if you do it too much!”

–Jeffrey Lee


Worst Horror Movies Ever Made: “Monster A Go Go” Review

When I think of the worst horror films ever made, my mind often goes back to my favorite tv series of all-time, the late great Mystery Science Theater 3000. Over its eleven season run MST3K unearthed some staggering low-budget “horror” clunkers, but one has always reigned supreme in my mind as the worst horror movie of all time. The movie, 1965’s Monster a-Go Go.

Here’s the plot, or what of it I can figure out. Somewhere in the dingy, bleak country side of southern Illinois a NASA spacecraft has crash-landed. The spacecraft, resembling a metallic dunce hat of normal size, is recovered by NASA’s team of two men, who suddenly end up dead. As the dull voice over narrator tells us “they were horribly mutilated in a way no one had ever seen before.” Well, no one continues to ever see those ‘horrible’ mutilations as they aren’t shown on screen. Very little is ever shown on screen, including the “monster” itself, which is a bumbling bald man with bad skin. The tale staggers on through drawn-out scenes of men in suits droning on, drugged scientists puddering around, and ‘hip’ teenagers dancing to the finest of 50’s canned swing-music. At some point, the movie ends with a whimper, as it attempts a Twilight Zone-type “irony” ending that irritates far more than mystifies.

Monster a-Go Go is amazingly awful. It is the definition of a celluloid train wreck. Unfortunately, instead of being amusingly bad, it’s just bad-bad. Story-wise the movie is utterly incoherent, as we’re almost always left in the dark about what is happening. Characters appear and vanish from the movie without explanation. Any attempts at “scares” or thrills just fall dead-flat. There’s zero direction, as the camera sits static rolling on scenes of lumbering actors. The editing is thoughtless and often feels non-existent. Perhaps the cheapness of the movie is best demonstrated by one brief moment. It is the most entertaining moment in the movie, but it’s completely unintentional. One shot in the movie features an unknown individual answering a telephone. However, instead of hearing the sound of a phone ringing, we merely hear someone off-camera cueing the actor with a very fake self-made phone-type sound. *SEE CLIP BELOW*

I’ve always said that the worst thing a film can do is bore its audience, and that’s what Monster a-Go Go does in mass quantities. I find it amazing that even in the drive-in circuits of ’65 that this movie ever found any distribution. On a final note, this movie currently ranks #4 on IMDB’s bottom 100 Films. I find myself wondering why it didn’t make #1, but I don’t think I want to find out why.

–Alex Dillard


Worst Horror Movies Ever Made: “Crazy Fat Ethel II” (1987)

So you made a film fifteen years ago that was so bad it developed a small cult following and now you want to make a sequel but don’t have any money: What do you do? If you are Nick Millard, you purchase a few blank VHS tapes, fire up the trusty camcorder, track down the star of the original film and use tons of the old footage to pad out the running time. Now I don’t mind the random flashback used here and there, but when at least half (maybe as much as three-fourths!) of the run time consists of recycled scenes, then I *do* have a problem. Combine with some of the worst acting ever, next to no blood, “humor” that most 7-year-olds would find too juvenile, sound so shoddy it’s often impossible to hear the dialogue and an unsturdy camera that constantly zooms in and out on the killer’s face as a lazy “flashback” cue and you pretty much have the abomination that is “Crazy Fat Ethel II.”

After being locked up for slaughtering six people, Ethel Janowski (Priscilla Alden) is set free because of budgetary cuts (uh huh) and goes to live in a halfway house. There, she glares at everyone, eats, sleeps, laughs maniacally and meets a few of the nutjobs sharing space with her. One guy murdered his wife for trying to poison him and another nutter thinks he’s an insect and likes to capture flies to put in his soup. Limited meals start to wear on Crazy Fat Ethel and her refusal to take her meds finally sends her over the edge. An orderly who serves the patients dog food and eats a Three Musketeers bar in front of Ethel gets hung. A detective shows up to ask questions and just leaves because Ethel has a foolproof alibi (she was watching an episode of “Gunsmoke” alone in her room). A guy who saw the murder demands Ethel give him her pudding for an entire month. Instead, she stabs him in the back with four different knives and just leave his dead body lying in the kitchen floor. The cop shows up again, says “I might as well set up shop right here!” and leaves without questioning anyone or making any arrests. Idiotic? Yep. Funny? Never.

After bashing the halfway house owner over the head with a candle stick for taking away her pretzels and stabbing a doctor in the back after chasing him around the sofa, Ethel goes outside and dances around for several minutes with a bloody knife. There are many close-ups of feet and legs for some reason. The bloodiest scenes are all stolen from the original and every single second of the new footage is awful, moronic and incredibly boring. Many of the unbroken takes are gruelingly long, including a shot of Ethel eating a pudding cup that lasts for several minutes. Priscilla Alden was funny in the first film (“Criminally Insane”), but is given little to do here and her dialogue truly sucks. This thing was so cheaply spit out that instead of making new credits, they just reused the old ones from the original, nevermind the fact that no one from the original appears in this sequel other than the leading lady. This is one of the only movies I’ve ever seen that doesn’t have a single redeeming quality.

People these days too freely use the phrase “Worst Movie Ever!” to describe disappointing or merely bad films. Those people clearly have not seen “Crazy Fat Ethell II,” for if they did, they’d know the true meaning of the “worst.”

–Justin McKinney